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Yauatcha Turns 3 in Delhi


November Is… Take a Man on a Date Month

To the hopeless Romantic Ladies… think how life would have been when all the things in the world along with a Romantic date would have been your way. A romantic date when you take your man out this time…!

Life is just not about those Romantic Movies but how we get these fictions to reality. Are you game?

Let’s Do This!


This month we’ve been on an exploring expedition to the finest of the places in Delhi. And a Date place is what was on our checklist. Presenting you one of the most electric Dine-in of the town, Yauatcha.


As we Stepped In..

How do you feel when you simply enter a place and your world transforms in a fraction of seconds? That’s what exactly happened with us. We entered from a noisy  and busy outdoor to a nice, cozy , relaxing to the mind kind of a vault that transformed our mood in a fraction of seconds.

Concept &

The famed Michelin-star restaurant based out of London is a polished place with a wooden and metal polished decor and the furnished glasses gives a London Vibe… A Date Vibe ! This place is a modern and vibrant Chinese Tea-house interpretation. The best part about the place is that the music and the light setting changes according to the light hours of the Day. Isn’t that Cool ?


Just Imagine Romancing on a Lunch date with that apt ambiance and no extra effort!



Food is a great First Date. It’s all about having a perfect meal at a perfect place. We often try our level best to find out such places, even try cross checking with some references about the reviews. But here we will give you the best reasons on why Yauatcha is that enticing Date Place for you!

And this one’s for the Limited Edition Food Menu at Yauatcha’s 3rd year at the heart of New Delhi

Let’s take you to the Food Voyage :-


Chasing the Yauatcha Chow

  1. Kiwi Cooler: Started our sweet time with the tangy goodness of the sumptuous Kiwi Cooler. The beverage is a refreshing mix of Kiwi’s and soda with a Dash of Lime. Soothing enough to beat the day heat of Delhi!

  2. Chicken Wrapped in Pak Choi Leaves: The delectable Chicken wrapped in Pak Choi Leaves is all tossed in the Schezwan sauce. It’s appetizing and a must try n the limited edition menu.


  3. Fried Turnip Cake: Imagine you get a bread that’s different than your vision for food. Yes, that’s what happened when we witnessed this enticing Fried turnip cake with vegetables. It’s not just soft and crumby but is a fine savor one would want to relish.

  4. Crispy Prawn Chenug Fun: Prawns are generally very pungent and have an odor. But a chef who knows the art to cook and serve you the Prawn as a true delicacy, is the one you can label as a true “cordon bleu cook”. No pungency, no odor … this Dish will always have a piece of our heart. Out to gobble it !


  5. Chicken Puffs: The more we had the more we loved! The chicken Puffs glazed with sesame on top were doing rounds on the table. You just can’t miss the mouthful drop of this exquisite goodness.


  6. Stir Fried Vegetables: Stir Frying holds its roots to the Chinese cooking techniques to the times of the Han Dynasty i.e 206 B.C.E. (FYI). This one too was fried in a very little hot oil and stirred in a wok. The taste was inviting… extremely toothsome!

  7. Singapore Fried Noodles with Chicken: The typical noodle way… we loved the diced chicken pieces with the right amount of sauces that were used to prepare this Rare PatenSharp Taste!

  8. Sliced Lamb in Spicy Sauce:This Ashet of finely chopped lamb in the nicely blended soy sauces is kinda Chinjabi styled one. All that you need on your silver spoon!

  9. Egg White Chicken Fried Rice: Afterall Chinese have become all Indianized … we finally found the authentic Fried Rice like we had during the 90’s. Perfect aroma with the right taste!

  10. Chicken Char Sui Bun: This is the most awesome Dim Sum that we tried at Yauatcha. Just one word , “Exotic“. It’s important you experience this one than just reading the excerpts here.


  11. Assorted Veg Dimsum Basket: Our personal experience says that Yauatcha is the best and the finest place to enjoy the finest dimsums in New Delhi. You don’t believe us ? Try It! You’ll love the water chestnut, asparagus and all the rich ingredients at this one stop Dimsum Teahouse destination.

    Veg dim sum basket


  1. Coffee Chocolate Mousse: With the hint of Kahlua , this mousse is for the Coffee tooth’s. You surely can’t miss this.

  2. Raspberry Delice: If you’re not a raspbessy fan, then you shall be one. The gooey and yummy Mousse which is flower shaped is a treat to the eyes in the first look. The second look goes to your taste buds which will woo your heart. Filled with Raspberry jam and mussy inside, this dessert is dusted with the raspberry powder from the outside. We LOVE this HOT MESS for the Date!

Our Rating: 5/5

Special Highlights:

  1. The Decor is self inviting in itself
  2. Crispy prawn Cheung Fun is something you cant miss even if you’re a Prawn NO NO’errr
  3. The place can cater to Jain dietary preferences and chefs can alter wok dishes to accommodate an allergy condition of a guest.
  4. Raspberry Delice is a date trap !

Yauatcha in relationship with New Delhi turns 3.

Do take your Date forward and try the Limited Edition menu until 30th November,2015

Yauatcha Delhi:

Address: Yauatcha New Delhi, Level 2, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj New  Delhi-110070.

Timings: Opening hours Monday-Sunday 12 noon – 12am


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