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Which part of your body does she love the most?


Try to imagine the most beautiful day with your woman. You are spending the entire day together. You are sitting on the couch or you were lying in bed. You have only her arms and you feel like the happiest man alive. And then a conversation begins. She might tell you that your bellies little flat lately or she might tell you that your body has changed in general. At that moment you ask her what part of your body she finds more attractive. And she’s not able to answer. Now why is that?


What is your favorite part of your body?


The truth is that, every woman has a favorite spot on her man’s body. If she is not able to answer the question of, which part of your body she finds most attractive that that is probably because of the fact that that particular body is not the way is used to be. And that is completely your fault.

For example, the first thing that every woman or at least a really large percent of women look for in a man or the eyes. At least, that’s what they will tell you. Yes, your eyes will play an important role. But we can guarantee that it will not be the reason why woman would choose to be with you.

According to studies, the actual answer to the question above is that, the largest percent of women were first of all check the backside of a man. That’s right, the better looking your backside the more likely you are to be checked out by women.

Luckily for you, even if your backside might not look as good as you may have wanted it to look there is pretty much everything you can do about it. You can start exercising on a daily basis and we can guarantee that, within just a few weeks or maybe a couple of months you will be able to get the most beautiful area ever.


It is always something


The same thing goes for the rest of your body. Other women find the chest of a man very attractive. If you exercise a daily basis and you have a really well built chest. Women love a really strong chest. But their man is hugging them they want to feel protected. The same thing goes for your arms and hands as well.

If you take some time to think about it then you will understand that, pretty much every woman out there has a completely different favorite spot. There are, of course women have the same spot that they were like. However, you will not be able to determine what part of your body she loves the most if you do not ask. Therefore there is pretty much only one thing you can do. Make sure that your body will always be as perfect as possible.


Do not let yourselves go

A mistake that many men out there make is the fact that, as soon as they find a girl and they start to get serious with them, they will neglect themselves. That’s right. It might be a general concept that, it is women that neglect themselves. But, that is simply because of the fact that men do not care. And to put it is plain and simple as possible, if your woman has a favorite spot on your body then that’s body is probably one of the main reasons why she’s thing you. Make sure that you will not take that spot away from her, make sure that you will not neglect yourselves. Make sure that you will give your woman everything she wants whenever you can. That the way, she will always be with you.

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