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Top Uncommon Indian Foods

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With the blend of rituals and culture comes in the plethora of traditional meals. From the classic flavors to the amazing variants to the robust flavors , Indian foods are all about surprises of spices.

Let’s take you to the Foodventure of the top five listicle of the Uncommon Indian delicacies. If you’re among the real fearless foodies then these ought to be on your Food list! Let’s damp in to the wild …


  1. Red Ants Chutney (Chattisgarh)
    Time to gag on this one! We know of many chutney’s but this one’s the LIVING LEGEND all the way from Chattisgarh comes the chutney Chaprah. This one’s majorly a staple dip consumed by the locales that comprises of dead ants with dried ant eggs. A complete blend of spices , the Dhuruva Tribe believes that this one’s not just a dish but an experience of a lifetime to relish.red-ant-chutney_article.jpg
  2. Frog Legs (Sikkim and Goa)
    Considered to be the medicinal cure by the Lepchas Community in Sikkim , The battered and fried frog is also known as the “Jumping Chicken” in Goa. Fun fact here is that initially this one was considered to be the french delicacy but seems Indian Foodevnture has gone next level with their own additions to the dish.
  3. Snail stew and Steamed Hornet’s (Nagaland) 

    If Kohima is your next pin on the travel map then Snail stew is a must ! If you love these creepy crawlers then enjoying your vampire meal with these skim-pies has to be on your date table. This foodventure comes from 15 different tribes who cook this one single dish separately. (So 15 different styles… Worth a Lifetime Dare ! )snail-stew_article.jpg
    We undoubtedly loved this Foodventure … Are you ready to go for one ?

    Let’s Rouge Up to the #Foodventures ! 

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