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To Be a Rail Yatri

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“…what thrills me about trains is not their size or their equipment but the fact that they are moving, that they embody a connection between unseen places.”


With Life taking busy yet steep turns technology is becoming a man’s best friend. We have so much to catch up… from work to social life to our travel and so much more. Ever thought how vulnerable it could be if you lost on to your travel tracking?

Life’s complicated but little things do make it very simple. We recently got our travel plans and decided to choose our Train trip like those young gold childhood days. Thanks to the techie guy of our team who introduced us to this amazing app named Railyatri.in (now that sounds vintage)

Let’s take you training to the coolest of the features that this app has to offer and you’ll yourself say a NO NO to your desktops and stay updated on the move … :-


1. Train Time Table : Know about your train in between the stations and view your map even offline at NO COST.

2. Seat Availability : Moving out to the stations and getting the conformation is an old story for the modern man. This app gives you all the insights just within a few click and you can know the ticket availability from anywhere in the world.

3. PNR Status : Still struggling with those old boring websites that take so much time to give you the insights? Check here for the PNR Status Details (We tried it too! ) and sip your coffee peacefully

RailYatri PNR Status
4. Platform Locator : This one was a savior for our train travel this time. We were running late and then came in the bright idea that we check out this feature too. It simply tells you about your Train Platform Location… So no more stress!

5. Live Train Status : Two things, a train number and a time is all you need to tap in order to check the train running status ! A savior for you if you’re running late to go receive your friends or loved one’s at the station. isn’t it ?

6. Trains Between Stations : Missed your train ? In a fix to catch it … but from where is running in your mind? No worries… this feature is a great help to make you reach on time to the other station and you won’t miss your train for sure!

RailYatri track
7. Rail Wisdom : If you’re new to any town and there’s a halt for an hour or two , won’t you prefer some window shopping and munching on some yummilicious food? This is the only app that provides you with the nearby details of all such crowd sourced yet blossoming features around. From food to directions to places… this has got all the wisdom!

8. Food Ordering : Feeling Hungry ? Just add your PNR Number and favourite food to your app and see the magic coming in right away at your seat! Now that’s a Royal Journey


Our Verdict: If you’re a frequent train traveler then this is a handy yet a user friendly app. Easy to understand , You must always have it at every move (in your phone).

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