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Tips for Healthy and Amazing Hair


Love Your Hair

Both men and women care deeply about their hair. Some a bit more and some a bit less, they all try to do their best to take care of them and make them as beautiful as possible. It is an easy enough job. But sometimes you need to put something more to it to achieve the result you want. In this article we will give you some tips on how to get the results you want and how to care for your hair in case of a problem like hair loss or dandruff!

Hair Loss and Dandruff

Itchiness and flakiness of the scalp are two signs that you might have dandruff. Check with your dermatologist and make sure that is the case. If you do have dandruff here are somethigs you can do.
1.    Consider changing your shampoo. Try a mild and anti-dandruff for a few weeks.
2.    Use Aloe Vera to soothe your scalp. Apply a small amount on your scalp and leave it over night. Don’t forget to change the pillowcase after,
3.    Apple Cider Vinegar can do wonders. Try mixing it with some lemon juice and apply on your scalp for 20 minutes to one hour and then shampoo!
4.    Chill some coconut oil and apply it on your scalp for a few days. It a mild and soothing choice. The dandruff will be gone soon.
5.    You can find many recipes online on how to use various herbs such as ginger, tea, rosemary etc. to get rid dandruff. Seek them out and do them. They are all natural and work perfectly.
6.    Try changing the situation from inside out. Cut back on all that junk food and start eating fruits and vegetables. Goodbye dandruff, Hello health!

In case the dandruff does not go away and these tips make it worse receive medical attention. It could be a different kind of skin condition and you do not want to make it worse.

As for hair loss you must know that this is a problem that troubles both men and women alike from a very young to a very old age.
What happens is that after the Anagen, which is the growing phase of the hair, comes The Catagen phase , in which the follicle shuts down and then the Telogen phase in which the hair stop growing completely. If the follicle dies then small patterns of baldness will start to appear.
Baldness for both men and women is mostly hereditary. It is also based in the androgens, The hormones that both sexes share.

Unless you have Cicatricial alopecia, an irreversible form of hair loss, or any other condition of the skin there are thing you can do to stop the hair loss.
You can try several hair loss medications. You can get those from a pharmacy. Cortisone is also a good choice.
If you do not wish to to use chemicals on your body, you can go for a hair transplant or hair weaving
Hair loss is a difficult problem to deal with. If the problem continues do not be ashamed to ask for a doctor’s help.

Men Hair

As a man it is essential to spend some time taking care of your hair in order for them to look healthy and shiny and also avoid future problem.
It in not embarrassing to be the kind of man who is careful of the products you use on your hair. You can find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you as long as you look for it. The same goes for the hair products you for styling your hair. Always depending in your type of hair you can find the right products for you after a bit of research.
Try homemade remedies as well. Not on a daily basis but perhaps once or twice a month you can create a mix of olive oil, lemon juice and eggs, having found the right amounts for you first, and apply it to your hair. The results will be magnificent.

Baby hair

For all the young mothers out there… Baby hair requires completely different products than yours. Baby hair are very delicate and must be treated with extra care.
Use hypoallergenic shampoos for your baby. Try to find products with ingredients like lavender that will give your baby a good night sleep. Make sure that the product you use will provide your baby with the perfect moisturizing for its hair as well as all the proteins needed for them to be healthy and shiny.

Hair products for babies can be use by adults with sensitive skin as well. Use them for softer and healthier hair and to avoid any side effect from ordinary shampoos.

Dyed hair

The moment a woman, or sometimes a man, decides to dye their hair, they must accept the fact that the products she or he used to use might not be the right ones any more. Dyed hair is of course more sensitive. They have been weakened by the chemicals o the dye and need extra care.
There is nothing to worry about of course. There are several products in circulation from known and unknown brands that are especially made for dyed hair. Products of all kind. Shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products. There are even specially made product for you, depending on the color you have used. These products are full of proteins for your hair.

Another option for you is to use coloring shampoos. They are specially made shampoos that are good for your hair and dye them at the same time. A cheaper solution and not long term but efficient for a while until you find what suits you best.

Keep your hair shiny

No matter the hair color, sex or age of a person we all want the perfect, smooth, shiny hair. Here are some simple tips on how to achieve the perfect hair without a lot of trouble!

Protect your hair. Thing of all the things you are putting them through on a daily basis. Brushing, heating, tugging of even pulling them out. Try to be as careful as possible with them. Do not use heating products such as a flattening iron every day. Try three times a week instead.

While washing them do not use hot or cold water. Find a mild temperature and keep it there. Shampoo them at least twice and change the shampoo you use every now and then to refresh your hair.

Whether you make your own or buy one from the salon always use a conditioner on your hair. Conditioners moisturize your hair and keep them healthy for much longer.

Try to avoid coloring your hair. We know that it is a style choice of yours to color your hair. But give them a break once in a while and go back to your natural color for a few months. Give them time to grow stronger and more resistant before you dye them again

Once again, research your products before using them. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and see what the product offers for your hair. Try choosing products that contain essential oils and herbs. Get as close to natural ingredients as possible!

Homemade products

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It is cheap. It is easy. It is healthy. You can find all sorts of recipes for making homemade products for your hair. Ask your grandmother. She might have some ideas for you. If your grandma can’t help you however you can always search for those recipes on line. Worst case scenario find out which ingredients are good for your skin and hair and play with them. Mix them in different amounts, add scent and make the right shampoo for you  and your family. Think of all the money you will save. Plus since you are the creator you will know which products to avoid in case of an allergy or a skin condition. Do not be afraid to experiment. You might come up with something extraordinary!!!

Hair salon treatments

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If you are dead set on not making your own products and you are the kind of person that enjoys a nice session at a salon that is utterly fine!
Especially if you find a good salon that give you great hair treatments and help your hair grow healthier.
Good hair treatments include scalp massage. Oil treatment, deep conditioner and many more. So if your usual salon does not offer these treatments, not even upon request then maybe you should try a different one. It could cost you a bit more but you will get the results you want in now time. And a little massage is always welcome!!

In conclusion there are so many things you can do for your hair. You can care for them yourselves or you can have a professional do it for you. Whatever the case always remember that health comes first. Do not use a product only because people say it’s good or just because it is expensive and for a well known brand. Check the ingredients. Make sure you are not allergic to any of them. And finally try the product for a few times before coming to a conclusion. Some product might take a bit longer to work than others. But this does not mean that they are not good for you.
And feel free to explore the world of homemade products. There is a good chance that after a good research you will find everything you need right there on your kitchen counter!

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