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Summer Fun with Dr Pepper



“Sand and Sun with Dr. Pepper Fun, Oh my my …. Summer has Begun”


Summer is finally here and so is Dr Pepper back to my refrigerator.

This week I got a Dr. Pepper Bottle inflatable in my mail box.

Isn’t that adorable?

Now this struck me to “connect with friends” for a summer time celebration!   Since I’d already decided to throw a Pool Party, I got my all time favorite Dr. Pepper stash home.

A little secret to share … Dr Pepper is the perfect drink for summer time parties with friends (Perfectly perfect!)

Making my Dr Pepper Slush and Ice Cubes was my way of connecting with friends this summer.


Here’s to the Dr. Peppery ICY FLOAT

To the Yummy Dr. Pepper Slush



To the Life saving Dr. Pepper Cubes that will keep melting in your mouth this Summer…


Believe me, the Pool Bash Party was an awesome idea.


Oh Yes, I shall share the recipes too with you guys.


Number #1 >>> Dr Pepper Mouth Melting Ice

Let’s KISS it … Oops… Keep It Simple Silly 😉

Just add your Dr Pepper to the Ice Tray and set it for 2-3 Hours in the freezer.

You can make it your very Life Saving Pepper mouth Cube



#Number 2

Did you ever think of trying Dr Pepper Absolutly Milk Rocks ?

If not, then here is the Summer time that will make you go gaga over this Absolute Pepper Drink.

When we say Absolute Milk Pepper Drink it’s all about … (Chilled Milk + Dr Pepper = Absolute Milk Pepper Drink)

Absolute Pepper was a treat to enjoy at the Summer Pool Party with friends… and is a MUST try!

This one made my heart grew 10x times bigger out of happiness 



Number #3

Dr Pepper Icy Float is the next summer Bubble Blast to sip up!

  • Pour your Dr Pepper in a Mug
  • Just add one scoop of Ice Cream On top of your Dr. Pepper
  • Garnish it with some Goodness of Love.


I am sure you’re excited for this one like we were for our Summer Pool Party.


Dr. Pepper has been a savior for the Summer Tongue! You will certainly Flip Over this one !


Number #4

Dr. Pepper Slush is the next Freezing fiesta.

All you need is

  • 3-4 cups of ice
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Dr Pepper Original Can

Blend it all and let the Slushy go into your Mug. (Not the Lemon)

After your slush Ice is ready, add your Slush scoop to the Mug and pour your Dr Pepper on the Slushy Ice. Add a dash of ‘Lime’ and feel the Balmy Beach right at your Summer Pool like we did J

Sip till it Drips!


Now imagine a Summer Pool for such a low Cost ! *Viola*

Every summer has its story … that’s my Pepper Story !

What’s yours?


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