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Style On for Different types of blouse designs



You can have everything you want… If You Dress For It!!!”


A saree is something that will not just make you look gorgeous but gracefully gorgeous! In order to look graceful you must choose your Blouse Designs carefully n order to let your classy persona standout.

Blouse is the most important component to support a saree. Ever seen the designers? They always have something interesting to curate when it comes to giving a magic touch to their sarees. Work patters, Neck designs and so much more is considered to be among the important elements designing the blouses.


Time to feed your Fashion Capsule and know your Blouse

When making your Blouse , you’ve got a long list to consider, from your body type to your face time and the vivacious designs as well.

Let’s find our fashion fiesta to the top five Designer Blouses that you should scroll through for every occasion.


  1. Full Sleeves
    Lace Fabric, Richer embroidery and Lace material will be the best when it comes to curating your Full sleeves blouse. Catering all the body types, the full sleeves blouse is a perfect look for every occasion and makes you look poised and sassy.

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  2. Quarter Sleeves
    With a finished off embroidery and a net saree quarter sleeves are always the safest pick. The best part about the quarter sleeve is that it can be worn by any body type. From plump to petite to lean or tall, any body type. This one’s a savior for the plumpy arms.

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  3. Cap Sleeves
    if you’re among those skinny bellas with toned shoulders then the cap sleeves are your gorgeous type! Team up your lacy Cap sleeves with a sleek silhouette saree just like the 80’s fashion that went viral among the south – eastern ladies.

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  4. Half Sleeves and Short Sleeves
    this category is to quirk up your style even when you decide to go traditionally corporate with your workplace look. This is a general one and can be worn on a regular basis.

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  5. Cape Style Blouses
    One extra layer of the sheer cape blouse can make you look stunning always. His one is among the Blouse Latest Collection.  Also you must opt for a peachy shade makeup when planning to wear the cape style blouse. For this one, Simplicity is the best Publicity!

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    Which one do you think suits you the best? Traditionally speaking just pick and choose your style and let everyone go jaw dropped. After all it’s the style that makes your persona go vibrant all over the place. Isn’t it?

    Let your Saree go in style with your style of Blouse and let all the eyes keep rolling when you walk in at the venue.


    A quick tip: Fabric matters the most when choosing your blouse design. Also your blouse pads matter. Try keeping the Blouse pads thin for a sassier appeal.

    Better to avoid the large prints and keep it simple. Also you can try the monochrome prints to make your look a more subtle one. Choose your blouse wisely and keep it lightweight with your fabrics so that you can enjoy your attire comfort as well.  This will keep your traditional vibe all alive and kicking.


    Get ready and pose with your Saree show because when it’s traditional, it’s one in a million.

    So don’t think style… Just feel it !


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