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#Madaari : Common Man with Uncommon Powers

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The intriguing tale starts with an anonymous man named Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan Khan) abducting home minister’s son , Rohan. Not asking for any ransom amount , Nirmal makes a barter deal. The deal is simple, he asks for the search of his own missing son in exchange of Rohan (Minister’s Son). Home Minister’s team goes looking for Nirmal’s Son …. ! The Film revolves around the mystery of Nirmal’s life and his real motive behind the abduction of the Politician’s family member.


Dialogues and the Drama

” Baaz chuje pe jhaptaa..udaa le gya. Kahani sachchi lagti hai hai lekin achchi nahi lagti. Baaj pe palatwar hua. Kahani sachchi nahi lagti hai lekin khuda kasam bahut achchi lagti hai ”  ,

“Tum Meri Duniya Cheenoge , main tumhari duniya mein Ghoos Jaunga” ,

Sarkar Bhrasht hai Yeh sach nahi hai … Bhrashtachaar ke liye hi sarkaar hai , yeh sach hai” 

Such dialogues will thrill you under the spine. This one’s a performance by Irrfan Khan that goes unmatched. It’s one of his best career performances till date.

Spoiler Alert

Holding the politicians to be responsible for all that happened to his son , Nirmal (Irrfan Khan) seeks all the answers from the one’s who are accountable !

This Socio-Political drama shames the culprits!



#Madaari is a Provocative , poignant and politically correct piece of the silver screen that progresses slowly and steadily. The film unfolds beautifully with all the elements included. From emotions to drama to crime and to the thriller scenes , the film tears the heart of a middle class man in tatters. There is everything that you learn about the plight and the “Aukat” of the Common man in the eyes of the Power-some.

This is when Nirmal the Common man becomes a #Madaari (the juggles) who makes the politicians and the power-some dance to his tunes.

Irrfan’s Performance

The protagonist being played by Nirmal is a spectacular one. His awe-inspiring performance of a single father who goes to and fro between the revenge and loss of his son at the same time leaves the audience heartbreaking. From the tragic moments , to guilt , to pain to anger , Irrfan’s every emotion has been rightly delivered along with the right timings of the screenplay.


Our Rating : 4/5 



Let’s Rouge Up to #Madaari ! 

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