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KYLIS by Hindware is the NEXT Personal Space


Wash Away those Troubles, Have a soak with Bubbles

Changing trends and the gripping features have become an extra ordinary part of our lives. It’s not just about the usual décor but something exotic and exclusive that we all look for when it comes to catering a style statement for ourselves and our abode.

Since we all know how the Italian designs are and we all adore them … many of us have been looking for something EXCLUSIVE this season.

We came across this extremely comprehensive bathroom range by the renowned Hindware that offers the ecstatic solutions, (Head to toe).




It’s the Personal Space

If our room is our personal space then much personal is our Bathroom. Creating a quality style statement that has a lasting quality is what we look for during the renovation phase of our house. Therefore, Kylis is our favorite pick this season.

We will tell you WHY



Why Kylis?

Here are the Top 3 reasons why we LOVED Kylis:-

  1. Illustrious Look: From the exquisite design to the shimmer, it has the perfect style and keeps your personal space class apart. The contemporary designs and the lustrous styles are just Beyond the Ordinary with the 100% Chrome Finish!
  2. Exquisite Design: We look for all the things “Designer style” …. Hindware has again picked up with the latest trends as ever and has come up with the brilliant designs. Not just the designs but the finishing and cuts of the fittings deserves an *applause*. Compels you to love the 100% Virgin Brass Body.
  3. Techno Edge Over: Getting completely into the La Mode of your lifestyle is what you need. Kylis fulfills the criteria without compromising on the technology level. It’s Zero Dripping and comes with a German Anti-Splash Technology.



Some more Highlights

  1. Geometric Design that takes less space. Therefore, Minimalistic with the space approach.
  2. Products are Environment friendly and create a picture-perfect harmony.
  3. It’s compact: Minimal Dimensions with modern designs.


Now that’s a “Mark of Quality with a Spark of Design”


About Hindware


HSIL Limited, vastly recognized by its brand Hindware, a leading name in the Indian market is a company driven by innovation. Its complete focus on crafting unforgettable bathing experiences, developing contemporary bathroom solutions for over five decades with products that make life better has set new trends each year.

As one of the leading sanitary ware brands, Hindware has been creating ‘Lifestyle Statements’ for more than two decades, with a portfolio of world class product range that give our consumers a holistic bathing experience and at the same time enable them to be responsible consumers.

HSIL Limited is among India’s top 500 companies as listed in the ‘Fortune India 500’ 2014 list. Superlative design, stylish flair and unbeatable quality is at the heart of HSIL’s business philosophy

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