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How to Date an Attractive Women Confidently


Imagine you are sitting at a bar, a guy walks in buys a drink and walks up straight to the girl you have been eying (more like side-eying) for over an hour now. How would that make you feel? What would you think about the guy talking to the beautiful woman whom you couldn’t even look at straight? Disappointing right?!

Every one of us, at some point of time in our lives, felt exactly the same way! Do you think we still feel the same? No! You know why? Because we quit being that guy. Women like confident men. Now, if you were confident enough, would you have not walked over to the lady at the bar and introduced yourself? When it comes to beautiful women, they always like a hint of chivalry in a man. Chivalry could easily be learnt and mastered over time. Women feel an almost magnetic attraction toward men that don’t make an effort to please her. Strong women can only be won over with the


3Cs-Confidence.Charisma.Chivalry. In the following article, we would like to point out a few things that might help you, to get women out of their own way, so that you might have a chance at leaving a lasting impression on them. Read on to learn about the ways of a Chivalrous Man.

How to be the man every girl dreams of?

What do girls like in men? How to make yourself very desirable to women? There are a lot of things a girl wants a man to be, but none as important as the following:
•    Confidence
•    Charisma
•    Chivalry
•    Self- Aware
•    Popular
•    Romantic
•    Comic
Yes, I know you think girls consider being rich as one of the desirable quality, which, in some cases could be true. However, possessing the other qualities mentioned above will make you something more than rich, perfect! (You will still need a steady job though!!). Now a lot of these may seem weird and unknown to you, so let us help you understand what we mean by these qualities.
Confidence is the key to make the great first impression. Without confidence you are nothing. Building confidence has been discussed further in this article, make sure you go through it. Confidence anchors your personality, perception and how others perceive you. So be confident in every step you take and every word you speak.


Charisma is something that takes time to develop. Charisma is all about looking and being in power. You should be able to take control of any situation, girls love a self-aware man. Always make small comments about what is going on around you while talking to girls, it makes them feel more secure and lets them get comfortable with you. The way you behave must inspire her, which is what charisma is all about.


Chivalry comes to some guys without practice, and some others do need practice. It is not just an act that you must put up in front of a nice woman, you should have a practiced chivalry. Being nice to someone for no reason is being chivalrous, be it the stunning woman carrying a heavy bag or the old lady crossing the street, help them in any way you can. Once you start helping the weak, you have a greater exposure to prospective partners. You never know when you could end up carrying the bags of an old woman who happens to have a gorgeous granddaughter!


Girls love a man who can hold his ground and stand up for what he believes in. Always try to maintain a positive energy around you, stay calm and composed. It will translate to her understanding you are in control of your emotions, do not snap at anybody or be undermined by anybody. The way you dress too makes a lot of difference, always wear appropriate clothes. You cannot walk into a restaurant with a pair of slacks on! Self-awareness has got everything to do with what you look like and what you make others feel like.


When you are famous, it is easy for a girl to recognize you and take you seriously. Ever wonder why so many girls just adore celebrities? Because they are famous. So how can you be famous? Lets face it, a popular guy wouldn’t be reading this. You will have to make the girl think people know you, take her to your regular restaurant. Talk to everyone in the restaurant (don’t go out of your way though), address them by name, like, “Hey Jerry, can you get us some more wine?” Popularity is an important factor when it comes to confidently dating attractive women, the more you are recognized while you are with her, the more she will like and respect you. And respect, goes a long way.

Scared People Tossing Popcorn

Being Romantic:
This is probably something every girl desires in her dream man (yes! There is a dream man). Romantic values are bound to make you a more interesting person to her. Being romantic is not only about holding hands and walking around, it means you understand the needs of a woman. Men are usually at loss when it comes to understanding women, don’t be that guy. Try and listen to what bothers her, send flowers to her office, take her to a surprise picnic, do the things she always talks about, be it going to a mountain trek or just mowing the lawn. When you make small gestures to keep her happy you will be amazed at how much she cherishes your company.


Be Comic:
It is always good to have a joke up your sleeve, never know when you might need to use it. Everyone loves a good joke, it’s the easiest way to get to know new people. What better way to introduce yourself to a group of girls than telling them a joke? Walk up to the group of girls you wanna get to know and say, “I bet you a drink you haven’t heard this one before.” And tell them your joke, if they have already heard it then you get to have drinks with them, if they haven’t, you still get to have drinks with them. It’s a win-win. Humor can do mysterious things, learn it and embrace it if you ever want to have a real shot at beautiful women. These girls are approached all day, every day! You need to think out of the box to get them girls to appreciate your company. The favorite kind of man of any woman (except her father) is a man that makes her laugh.
If you want to be seen as an attractive, charming and eligible man by the ladies, you need to cultivate these above mentioned qualities to help you by.



Yes, it’s not a makeover! You are not going to re-invent yourself, you will make an entirely different man. The kind of man that the ladies love and the men envy. We are a long way from being the perfect gentleman, but we sure can start with the small things.

Firstly, remember when you used to say looks don’t matter? You will need to forget that, because looks DO matter. So, CLEAN UP! And clean up Good! Your face is the first thing they remember about you, make sure it is pleasant to look at. Pleasant faces leave a lasting impression on the mind. And always smile, not the creepy smile you give your friends, a warm smile always soothes the eyes and calms the mind.

  • ALWAYS try to keep your nails clean and trimmed, it’s very unpleasant to look at dirty fingernails or toenails. Also make sure there is no wax visible from outside in your ear.
  • Take care of your hair, ladies love a man with great hair. Don’t let it look too greasy, use the right shampoo if you have a problem. The way you treat your hair represents how much you care about yourself and it also gives you a professional appearance.
  • It is not a crime if you are unhappy with your closet. Try to look at some fashion magazines and upgrade your wardrobe, there are a good number of men’s fashion magazines. Your wardrobe need not necessarily be about costly clothing, it needs to be about class and distinction, the kind that will set you apart from the crowd. How likely are you to talk to a girl wearing a sweater in a bar and drinking soda?? Without a sense of class and style, you look exactly the same way to girls. You don’t have to essentially wear a Tux or hand stitched shoes from Italy, but you DO have to make an effort! At least wear the colors that bring out the best qualities in you. Your physical attributes (however small or large) do amount to a certain part of your personality, don’t you agree? So, don’t wear an overly tight shirt or the one that makes you look like a sack of potatoes.


“Women are attracted to men wearing tight pants or boxer shorts”

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  1. Karen says:

    I believe, aside from charm and confidence showing your true self is the most desirable trait to win a date with an attractive woman.

  2. Sabine says:

    Great tips for single guys. It would work with me for sure. But don’t over do it 😉
    If I may call myself attractive haha

  3. Charu -KetchupMoms says:

    Ha ha ha I love the ‘steady job’, that is like a reality check in the middle of you making it sound so easy. Lol

  4. charity marces says:

    This is cool but there are more female hopeless romantics than men 🙁

  5. Nurse Alpha says:

    Charisma really do takes time to develop. I think Charisma is the most important aspect here because it emanates warmth to a person but with the right amount of control.

  6. bluedreamer27 says:

    Okay i think i should jot these down haha…. honestly,, who doesn’t want to date an attractive woman but yes, the problem in most guys like Me is the lack of confidence…the problem with me in particular is that I am afraid of bein rejected so I ended up not giving it a shot
    thanks for this encouraging tips ^_^

  7. Joanna says:

    Very good point! But this only works with smart confident women too. And you won’t really find that kind of women alone, in a bar. 🙂

  8. Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo says:

    Great tips indeed!! Thank you for sharing xx

  9. Georgia says:

    Like Joanna said this works on smart confident women only but don’t be overly confident, no one likes arrogance!! I love a comic but also someone who is happy to give me a hug when I’ve had a hard day! Be understanding!

  10. ROBERT LEE says:

    Being all of that is kinda hard, isn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t that be like the perfect guy? I have to believe imperfection has gotta have some value too?

  11. Sam says:

    I’d say if you wanna score a date, be charming. But if you want a relationship that lasts, be yourself 🙂

  12. Ms Mermaid says:

    Hello blogger, good morning. Gorgeous blog post. You have gained a new reader. Pleasee keep it up and I look forward to more of your incredible articles. Regards

  13. Toby John says:

    Absolutely good stuff

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