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How has technology transformed the dating life of Men and Women nowadays?


“I’m old School, I still like flowers and Real Dates”


This world is all about Love,  Laughter and Living Happy Life!

People not just look for relationships but yearn to make it long term and cherish till the end. As the world is evolving so are our dating concepts. Dating has transformed to Online Dating just like Love transformed to True Love!

Dating has always been a complicated matter for men and women all around the world. Since the beginning of time finding the perfect person to be with for the rest of your life has always been a very personal matter. Things have changed of course. It used to be the people would actually find the perfect match for them, or at least what they thought would be the perfect match, through the help of others.


Transformation of Dating to Online Adult Dating

Take some time and checkout the history. Simply try to think about how many marriages were actually completed simply because of the fact that the parents of the two people getting married fixed the map without actually asking them. Now, nowadays, many people consider this particular technique as a completely wrong movement. You cannot possibly hope to fall in love with a person and marry them simply because of the fact that someone else told you to.

Of course, as history goes by things are changing. And there is one very particular thing that plays a very important role when it comes to the relationships between men and women. Technology!  Take some time and think about how life changed right after the invention of the Internet. Simply think about the fact that at some point dating sites emerged. Countless of different men and women entered those websites and started looking for people to date. and it WORKED!

It worked better than arranged dates ! *Urgh* yea Arranged DATES! 


Date at your own comfort !

Earlier people,  especially men were actually rather afraid to talk to women randomly. It is much easier to talk to someone for a computer. However, when you have to do this in person things are a bit more complicated. You do not have the time to think about the perfect line. You do not have the time to analyze what the other person is telling you. And for that reason online dating made our lives much easier right after the great evolution of technology.

Nowadays it is all about the right applications in your phone. Well-known applications like We Love Dates are actually offering you the opportunity to check out countless of different profiles of many different women and help you date at your own comfort.



DO NOT GET DISHEARTENED , Not everyone is as similar as you

Of course, you can try to find someone as well! When we are talking about really large countries like the United States things are actually a bit more complicated. There are many men and women who are looking for their better half on the web pages and applications like We Love Dates, Tinder, Lesbian Dating , gay dating etc. Be calm and give it a shot. Not necessarily everyone has to be similar to you. In a way treat your dating as a fun dating and not something very serious to begin with!

Why We Love Dates: Online Dating ?

Technology has of course helped us meet new people. It is giving us the opportunity to get to know other men and women all over the world. Try talking to a few women. You’re not too old to date ! (We mean Over 50’s Dating)  Who knows, maybe you manage to find your better half via online dating like you’d never expected!

Keep Dating , Keep Chatting and say “We Love Dates”!


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