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Fusion Lounge Sufi Night (Review)


“Music and food with a perfect Ambience makes a perfect high”

Friday’s generally take us to the deep thoughts of a weekend bash. But when you already know that you’re going to be the Friday night Sufi, nothing’s better!

I attended the Sufi Night Friday at the Fusion Lounge , M- Block Market , Gk -2. For those who don’t know about the place I interrogated each and everything for all you food and lifestyle lovers.


About Fusion Lounge :- located at the heart of Greater Kailash -2 , M-Block market (South Delhi) , this lounge is a typical lifestyle lounge for outgoing fun bees like me. They believe in fusion and blends in the global scenario (read more to know why am I saying so).

Fusion of Ambience (Interiors) :-  The first thing we always wish to know is the location and the ambience of a lounge or a rest-o-bar when planning to visit for the first time. For the info nuggets , let me highlight starting with their interiors first. A spacious Lounge that is divided into Three Floors is a Fusion of three different ambience / interior Deco.

1.  Raw :-  Starting with the basement floor, this one gives a Desi Vibe with the earthen looking space. Decorated with lights , a grizzly bar and some dangled furnishings , this place gives a soulful feeling to be home abode.

2.  Wooden :- First Floor comprises of the wooden flooring , subtle furnishing , having an automated bar and a tab menu ordering service with an infused technology. Now that’s a great Fusion ! Isn’t it ?


3. Lounge :-  Do I need to say anything ? Swooshhh… The top floor is an American-Indo Styled lounge fusion. To mention peeps, this is my favourite one.



Sufi Music with a fusion of Traditional Rajasthani folk music ! I could never imagine something so classic and sassy at the same time. The star of the show was Bungar Khan  from MTV Coke Studio (India).

Amazing Music , Amazing Ambience and an Amazing company of friends ! What could get better !


Fusion created Recipes and Menu like those of the Lahori Broccli , Whiskey Sour, Non – Veg Platter , Galuti Kebab, Steamed Fish , Sparkling Wine and all that you could call a fusion at this fusion food festival is available. My personal favourite is their head chef Mr. Anil Negi who is a magical cook and knows how to serve what , when and with the perfect presentation of the meal off course !


No dine-in can become a chart topper without a good hospitality. The warm and   generous staff deserve a 10/10 completely. I loved their hospitality with a honest and homely gesture. My friends visited the place for the first time and they too hit the dart saying “wonderful hospitality”


If you’re planning to go out for lunch or dinner or any event then fusion lounge is a must to land through. I have been to this place a couple of times and still their is no change and I can never find a single thing that can be pointed out as negative. You visit once , twice or thrice , they will be warm in hospitality , quick at service and yummy with the finger licking meals.

P.s You won’t get a great whiskey sour as theirs in entire Delhi. It’s a must try !

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