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Dear Father (Happy Fathers Day)


From the time when I was born, You treated me like a Princess and always wrapped me around your arms like a bubble.


Father, You gave me wings to follow my dreams

Father, You gave me a vision to change the world

Father , You changed this world for me

You’re My Dad, My Papa , My HERO, MY SUPERHERO …. !


Happy Father’s Day

Above Lines are which every Daughter and Every Son deep within their hearts express to their superhero Father.

Father’s are not just our lifelines but also our savior from every problem that comes our way.

And when we have great Dads who think alike… you call it “Great Minds Think Alike“.

This Fathers Day 2015, My heart reaches out to all Grandfathers, Fathers and Fathers To be…


Limitless to express… We Kids love all of you 🙂

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