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Chrissy Christmas to you!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year …. when we get to see our Christmas Socks!

Christmas over the years
Christmas gifts have always been our tradition since we were kids. Our parents always taught us the feeling of warmth and love by being our secret Santa.

Warmth and love are the true seasons greetings!
As a kid my father and my elder sister always taught me how to be kind , compassionate, loving and warm. They taught me how a gift can be a gesture of love and a true seasons greetings for someone. Therefore, we always went for Christmas gifts shopping to make the festival a memorable one for our near and dear ones.

Chrissy Christmas this year
Going through my list this year, the feeling of warmth and love is again what I thought about. After a careful consideration I decided to spread some cheer with the Chrissy Christmas socks.
Chrissy comes with the ultimate festive footwear socks like the red tube socks , red and green striped knee-highs , very merry polka dot, Santa print as well as oh-so-sweet candy cane inspired red and white knee-highs.

What else could be a perfect gift for family, friends and co-workers!

Why I chose Chrissy Knee high socks this year
Pick the popular fashion statement knee high socks that coordinates with almost any outfit. It’s a funky, fun and colorful gifting for young girls and fashion forward women.

Can’t decide?
P.S Chrissy’s also has Gift Certificates.

Have a Holly Jolly Chrissy Christmas

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