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Barcelos Red Burger (Review)


Don’t have a Crap attack , go make a Burger Attack

Burger Obsession is on a high. But organic burgers are something we’d never thought of. After the Black Burgers , Barcelos India has nailed it with a brand new invention to the organic meals in India.

It’s the Red Burger !

We tried all the 3 variants

1. Vegetarian Burger

With extreme goodness of vegetables,  , cheese , Peri Peri sauce and  Chickpea Beetroot Filling (Tikki) the vegetarian  burger is a taste buster to the tounge.

2. Non- Vegitarian Burger 

There are 2 variants in the section of non Vegitarian burger. Both are mouthwatering yet delicious.

(a) Chicken Burger

Packed with the Portuguese styled meal , the chicken filling is tossed with the Spicy Peri Peri sauce along with the vegetables and Cheese glazed in it! Superyum, cooked and served with supercool sauces.

(b) Lamb Burger
Do I say anything ? Well I need to ! I have tried lamb at many Dine-In’s but this one is the best. Not everyone knows the art to cook a lamb perfectly. It needs a perfect temperature and a careful cooking ! And Barcelos has done a wonderful job .

The Lamb burger  Is not just tasty but I’d tender and Juicy too! Non Vegitarians , it’s a perfect hog on !


We would rate all the burgers 10 on 10 . Also , th Vegitarian burger is much better than Johhny rockets Burger which is stuffed with mushroom patties.

These burgers are highly organic and if you’re not drooling over them , you’re surly missing on something so obsessive.

Let’s Rouge up the good way, the food way…!

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