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Mango Oatmeal Recipe

Mango Oatmeal Recipe »

26 May, 2015
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Oats have taken over for the health freaks in the past few years. But oats have been among one of the baring meals

Mango Recipes 

Mango Recipes  »

26 May, 2015
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Firstly Thank you so much for a great response last week. Our “Mango Week” has been a successful one due to the season

Matar Paratha (Peas Stuffed Paratha)

Matar Paratha (Peas Stuffed Paratha) »

20 May, 2015
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Being Indian at heart and on tongue is all about what is your favorite.

We often run away from the greens. This is

Mango Sorbet Recipe

Mango Sorbet Recipe »

19 May, 2015
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Another high demand in my mail box is the MANGO SORBET

We often go out and dig in to the joints  that have

Five Pepper Toast

Five Pepper Toast »

18 May, 2015
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Hey mates !  As promised , here I am with they super simply yet yummy “Five Pepper Toast” recipe. Here we go with

DIY Tips and Tricks 

DIY Tips and Tricks  »

17 May, 2015
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1. Whiten your teeth : say bye to the yellows

2. Remove your make up naturally

3. Treat Your

Recipes I tried this week :)

Recipes I tried this week :) »

16 May, 2015
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Here are the seven picks (and pics)  of the week 😛 that I tried at home! The best part is that these are

“First Love” Box : Review

“First Love” Box : Review »

14 May, 2015
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Fun Vacation last week!

And a looming hangover 😉


Back home and I see a surprise on my bed waiting for

Tale the Fairy :No Fairytale

Tale the Fairy :No Fairytale »

11 May, 2015
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Humming the soothing lyrics of Marc Anthony’s song …

“i just wanted you to comfort me when I

It’s Mothers Day 2015

It’s Mothers Day 2015 »

10 May, 2015
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With mother’s day just around the corner, some may wonder, why we have a day dedicated to them. After all, being a mother