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Zapped , It’s that fresh : Zappfresh


Hakuna and indeed Matata

Zipzapzoom ,winters are gearing up along with the festive season and we all are too packed with our schedules. Work, Home and getogethers… ! That’s what our lives are during the festive season and even generally indeed.

Fresh Processed meats are pouring in the market for all the Meat lovers and we all look for something better each day. This week we got “ZappFresh” on board with us and we munched on to their “Chicken Sausages


We were ZAPPED , it was soo FRESH!

We tried a Roasted sausage and one with Vegetable Saute. Here is what it looks like:-


USP of the Product: It’s Fresh , Lite and carefully prepared with the best herbs and spices. (Quality Speaks)

Go MEAT-ing this season and feel the bliss melting in your mouth.

Let’s Rouge Up!


Capers Rouge

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