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You Know You Watched Too Much Cartoon Network in the ’90s If…

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I don’t remember a single day of childhood devoid of Cartoon Network. The charm of the characters was such that they became a part of our lives. Now that I accompany my child during his cartoon hours, I miss those fun filled times.

It is now I realize that Real happiness is not owing I-phones, tablets, calls over Skype or boozing. What stays in my mind is a Sunday, my childhood friends, watching Cartoon Network the whole day with Mom serving food on bed.

Here is a list of cartoon characters that are evergreen and should be broadcasted on Cartoon Network for our future generations:


  1. Scooby Doo



  1. Popeye



  1. The Flintstones



  1. The Powerpuff Girls



  1. The Jetsons



  1. Captain Planet



  1. Bugs Bunny



  1. Yogi Bear



  1. The Swat Kats



  1. Dexter and Dee Dee



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