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What is it Like to Live in Las Vegas?


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Las Vegas is one of the most interesting and unique places in the country. You may think of Sin City as the ideal location for your next bachelor party or an adventurous elopement, but what about your next home? Vegas is more than just casinos, strip joints, and mafia history – there are safe, suburban pockets for families and a great access to the outdoors for those who love to explore. So, what exactly is it like to live in Las Vegas? Let’s find out.

It’s Entertaining

There’s never a dull moment in Vegas. You’ll have access to some of the greatest performances in the country, as many entertainers set up residencies in this city and perform for long stints at some of the coolest venues. There’s always a great show to see, whether it be magical, musical, or artistic. Make sure to check out the latest Cirque Du Soleil performances – they have acts that travel around the country, but when you live in Vegas, you’ll have access to their best shows with a plethora of dates to choose from. You’ll also be a spit away from five-star restaurants, bars, and clubs.

It’s Adventurous

If wild nightlife isn’t your scene, don’t count this city out just yet. Las Vegas residents enjoy the privilege of being a short distance away from some of the greatest natural destinations in the country. You’ll have access to some incredible national, state, and local parks such as the breathtaking Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Lake Mead brings visitors from around the country who want to check out the history and gorgeous landscapes surrounding the Hoover Dam.

It’s Warm

Las Vegas spends most of the year in sunshine, with very mild winters. Rarely does the daytime temperature in Vegas dip below the 50s. Summertime can be a bit brutal at times, but the dry climate means that the low 100s won’t feel as intense as they do elsewhere. The great weather is just one of the many reasons that make Vegas one of the best places to live in the country.

It’s Affordable

One of the best reasons to make the move to Las Vegas is because of how inexpensive it is to live here. You can actually live quite a peaceful, suburban life in the areas surrounding the strip. You’ll have access to some of the greatest entertainment in the country, but just a spit away, you’ll find quaint, family-friendly neighborhoods. Houses for sale in Las Vegas are incredibly affordable, and rent here is pretty inexpensive, too. Nevada residents also don’t have to pay income tax, due to the over $1.5 billion that comes in annual from casino-hotel taxes and fees.While sales tax can be higher than the national average, you’ll be making up for it when it comes to the low cost of living – as long as you’re not out gambling every night!

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