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What Girls Think After Their First Kiss

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For every girl the first kiss, whether it was good or bad, will always be memorable. It could have knocked your socks of. Or it could have been way worse than what you had expected. Never the less you will never forget about it. Every girl can relate to these thoughts. Remember how happy you were for the next few days? How you could not stop thinking about it?

First you are in the stars. You can not believe it finally happened. But then you take a moment to think about it and you realize that someone else’ s tongue was in your mouth.

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Then you are feeling a bit awkward with the idea.

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Your friends did not tell you about this.

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Is there a possibility that you might be able to redo that first kiss again?


And what about his thoughts? Maybe you should have eaten a mind before you let him kiss you. Luckily for you, you were smart enough not to eat those onion rings that your mum made for lunch. But still, what if your breath stank really bad?

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You shake your head and you try to ignore that thought.

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And then you start to think about him. He remember how soft his lips were. And then you are asking yourself. Did he enjoy it? Was you to aggressive? Or was you not aggressive enough?

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Should you have used more tongue or less? How are you suppose to know for next time?

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You were lucky enough that you noses did not bump. That would have been awkward. But your teeth did bump. Was that suppose to happened?

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Then you realize that you want to do it again and that this time you want it to last longer. But this time you better figure out what to do with your hands. You can not just let them hang there. And you are trying to convince yourself not to open your eyes in the middle of it again. You don’t want him to think you are weird.

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Then you are trying to understand if that was a sweet soft kiss or a make out session. But you don’t mind cause you want it to happen again. How do you tell him though without sounding desperate?

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Here is the moment when you just can’t wait to tell all your friends about it. Although you are going to tell them that you did not feel that spark that everyone talks about you are starting to fall in live with him.

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