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Vivel Skin Love: Feed Your Skin


Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin”


The November 2015(s) last weekend witnessed some good Delhi Vibe around the corner. With winters coming in , many of us have been too busy with the wedding season and still not getting time to shield our skin with the perfect nourishment. To give you all the best Skin care secrets and teach you to be your personal dermatologist , Vivel by ITC came one step closer.


From the Treasure Isle of the Beauty Experts

The evening was an informative one and the beauty experts shared all the Do’s and Don’ts to make everyday a good skin day. Joined by Priscilla Corner , the renowned style and Beauty Guru, the event was further joined by the Brand ambassador , Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Also, we witnessed the Personalized Skin test by the Dermo Scientist of Vivel by ITC.

Please Note: The border line of your dead skin is 40/100 (Go run for your #VivelSkinLove )

Some quick Skin Tips

Straight from the secret closet of the Beauty experts and the Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor Khan, we get you the #VivelSkinLove Skin Tips from the ONLY Vault:-

  1. Pour on the Vivel Soap Bar feeding your Skin with Protection and Nourishment
  2. Look Sun Kissed with the Cell Renewal Range by Vivel
  3. Swear by Almond oil as your Skin Saving Breakfast
  4. Spray Away Dryness by using Aloe Vera Gel
  5. Zen Your Skin by applying the crushed Orange Peel to your Skin
  6. Wear Your Best sleep cycle and set your Body Clock Wisely
  7. Avoid Much of Oily Snacking and Strike a pose with the Glowing skin
  8. Keep Yourself Hydrated and say NO to Soda’s
  9. Tea Up with the Green Tea Soap Nourish (Only available among the Vivel skin care range)


Hope these Tips are going to be on your TIPS !

Keep up with Vivel’s Food for Skin Trivia!

… #VivelSkinLove ….


One Fun Fact before you leave , Vivel was formerly known as LIVE WELL and later decided to give the brand a tongue twister name VIVEL


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