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Urban Clap : Lifestyle on your Fingertips

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“Live Life Worry Free”

Browsing through the app store, We stumbled upon the Lifestyle services. Usually there were times when we used to flip through the Yellow pages in order to get the doorstep services. Also, many of us have been often lazy to move out especially during Summers.

Here is an App that we found similar to the usual apps but different when it comes to the Services and Expenditure at the very same time. Urban Clap !


App Analysis

Downloaded Via Itunes App Store , the app is has not one but many features to boast about.

  1. Services by the Experts: Urban Clap is among the Largest Online Service Platform. From Yoga Home instructors to Salon Services, Urban Clap has got it all to wind you with the best of the deals.


2. Convenient with Payments and Bookings: Unlike the Usual calls where you’ll have to wait to for your appointment bookings, Urban Clap let’s you Book it all easy on a “One Touch Go” app. Also, the payments are made easy!



3. Easy To Use: The booking procedure is really Simple and the app has a wonderful navigation which makes it ten on ten to be among the user friendly portal.



4. Cash Back Offers: The most exciting part about this app is that It gives you 100% Cashback on payments with your PayTM wallet ! What else can anyone ask for ?

Where To Download ? 

For the iPhone Users : Click Here

For the Android Users: Click Here


Our Rating: 4.8/5 

Our Verdict: Getting Your Lifestyle on your fingertips is a blessing and technology has made is easier too. Thank’s to Urban Clap.


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