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Top 6 Sexiest Lingerie to Make Him Feel “Ohh So Hot”

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Men are a hard nut to crack when it comes to getting all the attention that you deserve. Thinking to surprise him with a bunch of flowers, a teddy bear and a chocolate ? He’ll just laugh out loud in your face and in front of his friends too!

Let’s be very realistic – “Guys love the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show”. Don’t you wish to make a yummy dessert for him and come out in a Lingerie to surprise him? (That’s what make him pinch himself saying… ohh is it the real life?)

Something sensuous to surprise him will be a great idea and it shall spice up your bond too! That Exotic Lingerie

Buckles, Thigh-highs, Bows, straps, tights you have limitless options to make your combinations and they can be super spicy yet overwhelming to make your man feel “Ohh So Hot”


  1. Black Swan


To touch the basics we all know that Black is the sassiest of all. Its a classic color. As per the survey men tend to choose Black as the primary color in the Erotic Lingerie section with red coming in as the distant second. Go make him drool over you like a Crazy Horse (Shhh…)


2. Back to Basics


Don’t choose to any fumbling outfits like those with too many knots. Men like it Simple when it comes to the bedtime. Off course it has to be Kinky! You can follow the basic rules to  “K.I.S.S” (Keep It Simple Silly). More than 75% of men have chosen Simple yes Sexy Costumes when it comes to choosing for their Date nights.


3. Seductive Sexy Kitten


Ranging for retro to sport to virginal .. this all can make you look like the Bedroom Goddess. Men like it the Leather way or even if you dress up like that Jungle cat. More than 80% of men like it the leather way and 67% above like the role play costumes in the animal print.


4. Bare Or More


Go for the Skin Show. This is no surprise that more than 90% of the men like it the Sexy Lingerie way. You can get your baby doll dresses for adults that are considered among the sexy lingerie in India.


5. Curve-ball Cleavage


Shock your guy with the crazy Push-up Bra. You can pick among the half plunge, padded, strapless and lots more. Indeed ThatsPersonal as per what you’re comfortable. Get hold of the crazy options to explore from the sexy lingerie in India at any online store if you’re unable to find one.


6. Accent-uate


Digging on that accent is a man’s mantra. Trail it through the zippers, fringes, holes and your role play costumes and yes… a quick tip here.. Do not forget to use your vwash plus or any other personal care products for your intimate area.


Once Ceurvels said “It’s the same way girls feel about guys: confidence is sexy.” He said. “If a girl can just walk up in a piece of lingerie, and not even care, that’s so hot.

Let’s Rouge up and Dress up to the “Ohh So Hot”


Kink It Up!

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