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Top 3 Quirky Lamps via Freedom Tree

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Light has always been a man’s comfort to a living. It has been like a freedom tree to our lives.  With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the lighting tone of a room. That is why we decided to take up the top three lamp picks of this season and complete the journey of Let there be Light. So let’s get started with our Top 3 Quirky Lamps via Freedom Tree this season and explore our best Table Lamps in India.


  1. Apah Table Lamp: This trendy metal lamp base is  a perfect piece to give a distinct touch to your home. Doesn’t this remind you of the sassy Bollywood retro age of Helen ? This is ordinary perspex made more posh. Therefore, we feel this one is an Modern looking old lamp. Isn’t it ?




2. Tula Table Lamp: This is a clean and minimal occupying space desk lamp that has been curated with the easy adjusting arms for the perfect light just the way you would want. The highlight of this Tula lamp is it’s antique silver finish that can be easily amalgamated with the modern as well as old style interiors. We love this Nymph Styled Tula by Freedomtree Decor! 




3. Karka Floor Lamp: This one’s a classic yet distinctive lamp that comes with a mix of copper and nickel plated rhomboids. Give a push to a little Drama at your space with this vintage colored Lap and let the light be the Flux.



We absolutely loved these table lamps. If you’re looking out for more quirky designs for your contemporary furniture , then Freedomtree is the solution to all your distressed furniture storage.

Simply make your home an Inspirational Zone with these Vintage Lamps and not just the usual Oudated Comfort Zone. 

Let’s Rouge Up! 

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  1. Pie Tan says:

    Great! now i got some ideas as i will be getting my own room soon! thanks ????????

  2. These lamps seems to be steampunk inspired. I love it!

  3. Beautiful lamps Indeed and you are right light means so much to a house and our lives. My favourite is my antique camera shaped lamp that is all white.

  4. ROBERT LEE says:

    It’s not like the you choose only one of the three lamps, because all of them have different functions. But picking only two, I would go for no. 2 and no. 3 for functionality. A task light and an accent light.

  5. Georgia says:

    Oh my I love them all, we are hoping to redecorate our living room after the summer and I desperately want some key pieces in the space that make you go “wow” and a lamp is perfect for that, it’s not like investing in a huge piece of statement furniture but is still enough of a talking point! Really love the last karka floor lamp!!

  6. Elle Strange says:

    I have always wanted a skull lamp or any lamp that has a skull design. HAHA. These are amazing specially the hat. 😀

  7. Raffa says:

    This are all great, but the hat one really catched my eye. I love Interior Design and those pieces that you just showed us are really unique.

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