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Top 10 Tips to choose the best Astrology Gemstone

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The desire to move ahead in life or overcome problems is one that naturally resides in all human beings. No one likes to be limited by constraining circumstances whatever their nature – financial, emotional or physical or remain confined by grief or misery.


Planetary gem therapy or in other words, using suitable precious natural gemstones based on the sacred detailed principles of Indian Astrology can be a wonderful tool to overcome challenging life situations.

How does one choose the right gemstone for implementing planetary gem therapy?




Here are 10 top tips one can use to make a terrific choice, a choice that gets you a result oriented Astrology Gemstone.


  • Be sure of the purpose why you want to wear a Jyotish gemstone. Zero in upon the areas of life, you would want to work on. Having a purpose, a meaningful desire as a starting point creates a powerful intention that itself can lead you to the right resources. It cuts away the ambiguity that often hinders search as well as a purchase decision.
  • Planetary gem therapy is based on the precepts of Vedic astrology that offers clear insights into your energy make up and which gemstones will be suitable for you. Do ensure that you get a proper, professional astrological analysis before setting out to buy a gemstone. Penny pinching can cost dearly and compromise the results. Your Astrologer will recommend a Gemstone after analysis of your birth chart to make an effective recommendation that delivers great results.
  • Once you are aware of gemstones that would be suitable for you, find a gemstone vendor with suitable credentials. Do make the necessary distinction between a jeweler and gemologist as only the latter can guide you appropriately with information on precious gemstones, treatments, authenticity of the gemstones, flaws etc.
  • Only pure, natural, treatment free gemstones, devoid of doshas (flaws) described in the sacred texts should be used for planetary gem therapy. Flawed gemstones could cause more harm than benefits.
  • Please insist on certification from a reputed gem testing lab. It may cost a little extra, but you can rest in the knowledge that your money has got its worth and you possess a delightful, precious gem of lasting value. Be wary and avoid certifications that list NA (Not Applicable) in the treatment column. Note that more than 90% of all gemstones are treated but for astrological results you need only UNTREATED Gemstones.
  • When looking at the natural gemstones, always listen to your instinct. If you gravitate naturally towards a particular gemstone, there is a big possibility that you have energetic affinity with that specific gemstone. Remember, a real result giving gemstone chooses the wearer! These small nuggets of incredible energy are very powerful and respond to energy systems with amazing clarity.

    Natural unheated Ceylon Yellow sapphire ring from Gemstoneuniverse


  • A large gem does not necessarily mean that it is a better gem. An emerald of 4 carats is definitely larger than a 2 carat gem, but if the 2 carat gem has greater clarity and richer color, it is most definitely a better choice and will deliver more powerful results. A nice detailed resource for determining accurate gemstone weight can be accessed here.
  • Precious gemstones are rare, precious, and beautiful – choose a gemstone that inspires feelings of delight, peace and hope within you. The markets are full of mineral specimens of varied quality and variety. Not every mineral that you encounter is gem quality, and certainly not jyotish gem quality that is at the apex of the gemstone pyramid, so choose carefully.
  • Assess your vendor on the quality of gemstone related information being offer. Years of being in jewelry business or having been a trusted family jeweler don’t count as gem related information. Especially if you are inclined to Buy Gemstones online check the quality of content and expertise of the author.
  • And finally, in the age when technology is at your disposal, look for testimonials and reviews as other people’s experiences can tell you a lot. With access to internet you have a great set of comparative tools to make a effective gem purchase that is likely to change your life.



Abhijita Kulshreshtha

Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director, Astrologer and Planetary Gem Advisor at Gemstoneuniverse – The world’s leading authority to Buy Gemstones Online. An Accredited Jewelry Professional from GIA-The global authority on Gemology, Abhijita is also a Master NLP practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida.



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