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Top 10 National Fast Foods You Should Try Once in your Life

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While thinking of making a list of national foods, I thought it would be a lot easier for someone to prepare fast food than national food if tempted enough by my list. Here goes a list of national fast foods that you should try once in your Life (Let’s go my Bumble Bees)

  1. Sushi: National fast food of Japan, however, very popular in Europe and North America, is a combination of different ingredients with rice. The only common ingredient in different varieties of sushi is rice. Increase in popularity of sushi in different parts of the world resulted in many variations.


  1. Spring roll (China): A rolled appetizer filled with different varieties; the name is a direct translation of Chinese word Chun Juan. The variants vary from place to place depending on the kind of filling and the cooking techniques. The fried spring roll with chicken and veggie is found to be very tasty.


  1. Pierogi(Poland): The country of origin is however not known, but it is believed to come from Central and Eastern Europe. Pierogi of Poland is however famous in Western parts of the world. The dish is dumplings of dough, mostly boiled and fried with onions. They are served in different tastes and varieties.


  1. Fish and Chips (UK): Every tourist once go for this food when visit Europe. Known as “chippy”, it is the most famous fast food in the UK. Deep fried fish and chips and soaked with salt and vinegar constitute the dish.


  1. Souvlaki(Greece): Commonly known as “gyros” outside Greece, this dish is believed to be from the times of Aristotle. So, it makes the most ancient fast food to time. The dish consists  of small cubes of grilled meat on a pita bread, with onions and tomato. You can only find the real souvlaki in Greece.


  1. Croissant (France): Named after its unique crescent shape, the pastry can be consumed at any time of the day. The original croissants were savory but in the western world, they are served in different tastes and variants. The pastry is fried in butter with a filling of cheese and ham, feta cheese, tomatoes and spinach.


  1. Burrito (Mexico): Very famous in Mexico, a burrito is a tortilla wrapped around different filling. In Mexico, the filling is usually refried beans or meat, whereas in US, however, the filling includes rice, lettuce, meat, cheese and it varies with where it is made.


  1. Hamburger: The country of origin is Germany, however, it got famous in US. Usually consists of ground meat with bread roll and different ingredients, it is internationally known. I don’t feel a need of further description.


  1. Pizza (Italy): Very famous and popular in the Western world, pizza can be found all around the world. Depending on the place where it is made, pizza can be found in different variants across the world.


  1. French fries (Belgium):  I don’t think there is a single person who haven’t tried fries ever. You know the rest!


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