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Top 10 Exercises To Take Up During Pregnancy

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Some of the pregnant women tend to gain weight. They became tensed how to lose so much of weight after the delivery. Here are the top 10 exercises that you need to do during pregnancy, which will not only help you lose weight after delivery but also keep you and your child healthy.


  1. Dancing

If you are not a great fan of exercising, then the dance will always be at your rescue. You can switch on the music system and dance for 15-20 minutes daily with different steps. In such case, you can actually join some classes. Aerobics is a good form of dance that will keep you healthy and lose fat. But remember to stretch a  lot during the process.

  1. Tailor exercises

These forms of exercise aim to stretch and strengthen the hip, pelvic and thigh muscle. This will also aid to prevent the back ache. This can be achieved in 2 ways. The tailor sit-sit on the floor by bending the knees and crisscrossed ankles, you can lean forward and keel the back straight and relax. The other way is to bend on knees and the bottom of the feet together. You can repeat the exercises for 2-5 times a day

  1. Pilates

This aims to achieve greater flexibility and strength. It revolves around the movements that will increase the relaxation and deep breathing. The main objective of the Pilate will be to build great strength during pregnancy. This is done without putting the whole body without any strain..

  1. Low impact aerobics

Aerobics is a good form of exercise during pregnancy. They help t improve the heart and lungs by supplying the right amount of oxygen. They improve the body’s metabolism and keep the muscles toned.

  1. Jogging/ Running

It is advisable to switch to brisk walking or jogging daily for 15-20 minutes. This will improve the blood circulation in the body and keep you healthy. Apart from this , it will prevent the body pain that crops up during the pregnancy.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is the best form of exercise. You can enjoy while you swim and the whole body will be toned and stretched. It is always advisable to go for swimming if you have learned it. If you haven’t learned before, it will be very tough during pregnancy.

  1. Weight Training

This will help to develop muscle and tone the whole body. Apart from this, it helps in increasing the stamina of the body. You need to lift the weight that your body can sustain. Do not lift extra weight, this may lead to damage of the fetus.

  1. Stretching

Stretching is the best form of exercise to keep you fit and healthy. This will make your body flexible and prevent the tightening of muscles and keeps you relaxed. So you can try out small stretching exercises like, wait twist, chest stretch and several others.

  1. Yoga

During pregnancy yoga is the best form of exercise. But you should follow prenatal yoga. There are classes which will benefit you to have  a healthy child..


  1. Walking

It is always advisable to take a brisk walk daily for 15 minutes to keep yourself healthy.

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