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#ToolerBulale : Tooler (App Review)

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Quick Quick… No Time and You’ve been struggling with your Home Fixing!

How to fix it when you don’t know anyone or any nearby localities to get your Tooler from? (It;s in your Pocket Silly!)

YES! You’ve got Tooler all by you and with you!

I recently got some Decor Stuff from Deco Window and was yearning to get the materials all fixed in my room.

While searching for a Tooler (Carpenter mainly), I came across this app named “Tooler “. APP-SCREEN-01 The name was quite interesting and it made me click through and browse it some more… LET’S SHOW YOU HOW I BROWSED Here you see what it looks like: 1. You Book 🙂 APP-SCREEN-02 2. You Track 😎 APP-SCREEN-03 3. You Pay APP-SCREEN-04My App Experience Rating : 4/5

Where can you download the app:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tooler.customer 

Internet is a cool thing and there are supercool ways to use it! Get your TOOLER today with just 3 simple steps!

“TOOLER Bulaya Kya?” 🙂


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