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Things you can say that will help you get out of a bad situation in style


Unfortunately, nowadays, people keep ending up in situations where they might be uncomfortable. It is really annoying you find yourself in situation where the only solution you have in order to escape from it is to make sure that you insult a person. However, if you take a moment and think about the fact that that particular person might actually insult you in a really bad way and you can understand that there’s pretty much nothing else you can do.

Good education using curse words as well as insults in order to talk to people can be really frustrating. They think that there is always way them resolve their difference in a much more civilized way. However, if you are that kind of person you have found yourself in such a situation then you know that you need to have the best comebacks possible in order not only to look sophisticated but definitely have style.

In this article we’re going to provide you with some really good comebacks you can use in order to make the person you’re talking to understand exactly what he or she should have never insulted you.



1) I have been called worse things by better people
There’s nothing worse than telling a person that he or she is not the best out there. Informing people that there are better people out there and that you have actually had words from them mean that you will never accept what they are telling you. Basically you are undermining them. It is true that in a civilized world this shouldn’t be happening, but if the person is provoking you that the best thing you can do is make them realize that they are much lower than you. Or at least that you know people much better than them.

This particular phrase will basically show the other person they do not care. Not even going to bother answering them. And that is exactly why it is one of the best comebacks out there. Make sure to use an argument if needed.

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2) I could explain it to you but I’m pretty sure you comprehend
You will find that there are many different variations of this particular phrase. The result is always the same. When you’re arguing person and you realize that you see does not seem to be able to get your point that this is the comeback you need. You need to show them that you are willing to try and explain to them exactly what it is that you mean but if they do not make an effort to realize then this whole conversation is in vain. Basically you are going to show them that it is their fault that the conversation is not working out and not your fault. Make them understand that your superior and you have one the argument.

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3) I would agree with you but in that case we would both be wrong
Another easy way for you to so superior. You know that you are right and you know that if you try to show that to the other person you she will understand. However, because of your superiority mine the green with person even if that make you wrong, simply because you’re better. This is a great way for an argument to finish. You will find that people will not find it easy to answer you after that. After that the argument will be over.


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4) I think it’s great the way you state the obvious is if you’re discovering a country
Now this one is an amazing phrase to make a person realize that the argument is over and that you have one. You are basically insulting the intelligence of the other person in a cute yet sassy way. This is not so much an answer to an argument as it is a sarcastic complement. You can basically use it against people who are really passionate about something they shouldn’t be or at least passionate enough to make you annoyed.

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For more amazing comebacks all you need to do is simply browse the Internet. But this will get you started. Have fun using them!

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