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The Junkyard Cafe


The approaching Winters and Delhi have always been a part of the new places popping in.

Winter season has become a Vow for the F&B industry and the Delhi-ites when it comes to trying out new places in this Cozy season.

This month seems to be a Bash for the posh area of Connaught Place , New Delhi

This season we’ve got a place that is full of Junk yet healthy.

Junkyard” as the name suggests is a place that is full of junk. Let us take you to tour around the Capital’s hottest and trending Dine-in of the season.

Concept: We often tend to throw away the Junk. This place has come up with a concept that is full of the dumped junk but healthy at the same time. Junk is not all about all that is dumped and trash, but it caters to how we recycle things.

This outlet is a Magnum concept that has little yet unique elements. From the interiors to the Food to the beverages, cutlery and everything that you can witness here.

Ambiance: Made from the tit bits of Junk, this place comes with a very unique identity. The identity is not about the “Junk is Funk” but about the use of dump in a contemporary manner.

 The interiors have been finely created with the Tyre, Barrels, Zero Volt fans, chipped off furniture , Architectural Dumps, a huge Robot and what not! You have a lot to explore and Nothing to miss at the junkyard cafe.

Food: Food is the real challenge after someone has to please you with the ambiance when you step-in. The Food concept at The Junkyard Cafe comes out to be a little unusual form the other fine Dine-in(s).

Whatever meal they serve you is a mix of healthy and Junk at the same time. That’s interesting as well as holds a challenge to cater your taste buds too! Isn’t it?   And as the menu Reads out…”A place that serves healthy & Junk,  One that’s got a little funk. Made with stuff that most throw, Here its a part of the show.”

Welcome to the #Junkyard


Taking you ahead with what we had on our Junk Date , you’ll be amazed with what they have and the Presentations in itself will drool your mind.


Non Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Root Collage: The goodness of Carrot, Vanilla Sugar and Beetroot this Drink is a healthy blend on the menu with a little sugar junk.
  2. Citrus Mart: With Oranges poured in , you’ll love the crushed pomegranate, a tinge of lime and a dash of ginger.
  3. Minto Plus: The goodness of Kaffir mint, Fresh mint and Watermelon has a refreshing taste that you can’t forget.
  4. Gardino: Celery , Beetroot , Mint and Wtermelon. Yes it’s a usual one but something that we all like !


 Garden Salad: The usual healthy lettuce salad with a mix of some Yummy Junky Indian crispies that is fair enough to keep your guilt under control and yes you can enjoy it even during your Diet days.

Hummus Pita: This platter comes with some enchanting yet enticing sauces that have great ingredients like walnuts, Olives, Jalapenos, Arabic Pickle ad well as Hummus to enjoy with.

Mustard Fish Tikka: Fair enough… we think this one can be much more better.

Sushi: When you feel you’re the Sushi King then nothing like it. What we loved about the Vegetarian as well as the Non vegetarian Sushi at the Junkyard cafe is that it had no pungency and was nicely made. Draped in the rice and exactly what one likes it to be.

Our favorite was the Spicy avocado with pickled carrots in vegetarian and Crispy Prawn Tempura in Non vegetarian Sushi.

Five Spice Chicken: This one is among the best dishes that the junkyard cafe is serving at the moment. Spiced with the five different blends and the taste of chicken, it will simply open up your senses!

Lamb Shish Tawook: The lemony lime and the tossed tomatoes on top are a delight to gulp.

Dim-sums and Bao: The assorted Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Dim-sums are a quality that come with a crystal clear outer layer.

The best  is the Asparagus and Black Fungus  dim sum in the Vegetarian option and Basa with Water Chestnut Dim-sum in the Non vegetarian option.


 Desserts: Since this place is a newly opened one at the castle of CP , they have an extremely promising Desserts menu that will nudge your mouth to have all the yummy Nutella Cheesecake and the Crazy carrot cake and so much more. Though the desserts were not available but they were curtious enough to provide us with the Walnut Brownies and the vanilla Ice Cream. Lovely Gesture!

Hospitality: Impressive, heartwarming and quick, this place stands at one of the best hospitality leveled cafe’s.

Our Rating: 5/5



Special Highlights:

  1. The Junk made Mona Lisa Pianting
  2. Live stage with 2 VIP Zones
  3. The place is an Ode to food with Live Gigs


Address: 91, 2nd Floor, N Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Keep it casual and stay at Funk with Junk

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