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The Dark Dream 


It was a dark room … The phone buzzed … She sensed it was her last day ! Her last day to have him in her memories for life!

That was the night when her pillow became more important to team up with her tears. Her tears became her strength and her strength was to explore the new horizons of life !

Rubbing hands , looking for a new route was her destination to the journey she began that night.

She learnt that the dark dream was not a nightmare but a ventilator that the almighty gave her to bring her back to life.
He’s somewhere today where he wanted to be ! With the woman of beauty whom he wanted to feel ! With the woman of that skin so he could feel the glee…!

But she is right there trying to make peace … Peace with the smiles and the laughter in the crowds that she has been long lost in ….

Capers Rouge

Sheetal is a happy go lucky girl who loves to explore new things. She's been a writer for more than seven years and is a social media addict. Besides Social Media Marketing she loves to take up art and singing for her leisure time!


  1. meghanat0712 says:

    So beautifully written !

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