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The #Cheese Vault Secrets!

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Ever Knew that Cheese is your perfect diet food? If no, let’s tell you today about WHY and HOW cheese is the best FOR your WEIGHT LOSS!

People often follow the “Cheese Diet” to lose weight (I’ll soon be sharing the Cheese Diet with you in my upcoming blog(s) )

Here are the top 10 facts on Cheese! 

At the Cheese Factory!

  1. History of Cheese:Cheese consumption dates back to around 8000 BC when sheep were domesticated. Historians believed that Middle East or the Turkic tribe in Central Asia first discovered cheese when they used to store milk in animal hides.


  1. Etymology of word cheese: Cheese came from Latin word caseus which is casein in English which is the milk protein present in cheese. Caseus became “cheese” in the Middle English and finally cheese in Modern English. Many other languages also share the root word for cheese like Spanish and German.


  1. Cheese art:The flavoring of cheese start with ancient Greeks and Romans. They were the first ones to turn the cheese into art. They had special kitchens where through different techniques of smoking and adding different stuff, different cheese flavors were made. The knowledge of different varieties spread slowly throughout the empire and made the development.


  1. Evidence:  Cheese making evidences are found in Egypt which dates back to 2000 BC. Since salt was used to preserve cheese, the cheese used to taste sour and salty. Cheese made in Europe was however different from Egypt. Since Europe has cold weather, no preservatives were used thus giving a robust flavor of cheese.


  1. A variety of cheese:Usually cheese is made from cow, sheep or goat milk, but in Sweden, on a farm, cheese is made from moose milk. Since the lactation period of a moose is very small, thereby the cheese content is usually low. Moose cheese is also produced in Russia.


  1. Different types of cheese:When the roman empire falls the monks took the cheese invention to different levels we know cheese today. In Britain there are around 700 distinct local cheeses, 400 in France. The different flavors of cheese come from different companies depending on the type of milk they use and the flavors they add.


  1. Stinky cheese: Limburger has as strong unpleasant smell. A special bacteria called brevi bacterium linensis responsible for the smell. Such bacteria are also found in human skins causing body odor. Limburger is only made in Wisconsin, USA.


  1. Top cheese producer: The United States top in producing cheese. Most cheese production comes from Wisconsin and California. Although United States produce the most cheese, but France and Greece have the highest level of cheese consumption with 24 and 27.3 kg per person per Annaum respectively.


  1. Fondue: When having Fondue, you will find a cracker like toasted cheese layer at the bottom usually called nun. It is believed that the monks used to have Fondue and leave a little fondue for the nuns that eating is a religious experience. However, the meaning is still unclear.


  1. Cheese quotes:

“A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it may be over sophisticated. Yet it remains, cheese, milk’s leap toward immortality.” Clifton Fadiman (American writer and editor; New Yorker book reviewer, 1904-1999)


A dinner which ends without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye.” Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (French lawyer and politician, epicure and gastronome, 1755-1826)

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