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The Cheese God

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Cheese, Cheese, Cheese… it’s one of the most loved ingredient worldwide. But when it comes to our diet plans, we often tend to ignore this goodness of health (cheese is really a goodness FOR health).

Most of us have been under a misconception that cheese falls in the category of the fattening foods.

Hailing the status of a Milk Product, we often forget that Cheese a Kiss of Good Health. (Yes, I lost 10 lbs in a month just consuming Cheese)


And I am back with what I promised yesterday ! (Your Cheese Diet my cheese nuggets)

Cheese : Shaping Your Weight Loss

Weight loss is a prevailing problem these days. From youngsters to adults, one and all have become fitness conscious. One’s body weight plays (really) an impactful role on their individual personality.

Getting over weighted means you are in trouble (A great trouble my dear!) The trending  slim and smart look has made fitness a familiar concern for all.


A perfect and an ideal weight is not just a goal, but a fitness concern for many of us. Especially for women (it) has gone beyond borders (Oh thy beautiful Ladies, you’re the best). It’s not just fitness, but dropping the size is what the ladies are looking for.  Therefore, to lose weight seems a problem and an issue for the overweight chaps.

Is it Overweight or OBESE?

Sometimes you are more than overweight and that condition is obesity. An obese person has extra pounds of weight and for such a person to lose weight seems much harder than a normal weighted person (just a few pounds, I mean).


Slimming Centers are the new criteriaThough there are some clinical methods which are used for obese people (The ugly Machine weight loss and Slimming centers I tell you, just not the right way Darling).

Sometimes you become impatient and depressed due to those shooting pounds. Therefore, people usually go for such treatments. Such methods are done in the clinic and doctors do it in their professional ways.

Though it seems a bit of a harsh step, but sometimes this is the only option left for people (Only for the one’s who have some prevailing medical condition and are unable to take up any physical exercise).



But before going towards that direction you must follow some other simple steps. Such simple daily steps can change your life in a wonderful way. You have to control your diet (Now I don’t refer to a CRASH DIET here, It’s about having CONTROLLED PORTIONS sweetheart) and tailor your own diet plan.


A diet plan which can help you to keep you filled in that tummy and helps you to come out of that “over-weighted” situation.

This is not a difficult step.

Once you start to follow it all,  you will start to not just see but feel the difference. The difference in your life as well as your health! This difference has long lasting impacts upon your personality and you will enjoy it more.


Whenever you decide to follow some diet plan the first thing that comes in your mind is your “health”. You think that maybe by following it you would face some health hazards.

It is a natural thought that comes up in your mind, but you need not to worry about it. Decide yourself that you are going to follow some rules for your diet (Ohh please don’t DIE with a T (Tea), that’s not diet) .

Once you start to follow the meal plan, you are bound to feel the changes and it’s a privilege that you’ll enjoy (the privilege of all the attention that you get from the world asking you how you’ve been losing weight eating everything).


The Diet Flight!

There are different kinds of diet plans that are available on the internet. Different kinds of dieting foods!

One of the most popular is for eg. Is the Acai berry diet, the Sonoma diet and Cheese diet. These diets are full of nutrients and helps you to not only lose but maintain your weight as well.

Followers of Sonoma diet use food with different flavors. If you are fond of eating sweets than Acai berry is a best replacement. It contains minerals, which helps against aging.


More of the meal Plans

Then you will see different kinds of dieting plans as well. Such as jillian Michael diet plan, Nutrisystem diet plan, factor five diet plan which usually Hollywood celebrities follow. So it is not just about losing weight, it is to keep your lifestyle FIT and HIT.

If you eat junk food or you are used to it, then it is high time to leave such goods…. Oops NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY! (Junk has been becoming the direct cause of the fatty layers of the modern man).image9

Moreover, there are some diet plans which allow you to eat your favorite food but in controlled portions.

The Previous Discussed Diet Guides

Sonoma diet guides its followers to eat food , at least in 15 minutes so that your desire of appetite is fulfilled and you will eat less.

Controlling your food and eating less is also a factor, but the main thing to lose weight is to take a balanced diet so that your body gets all the important minerals and vitamins. This has to be the first priority while choosing any kind of a meal plan.

Diet does not mean that you start starving, keep yourself hungry all day long and then eat to your fullest and mess it up (Feels guilty inside, isn’t it?).


This is a wrong type of a routine which usually people follow being oblivious towards their health. It will not help you at all rather you would face some health issues.

The best way to lose weight is eat healthy and a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. Any kind of diet plan or dieting items would not help you if you do not incorporate an exercise plan (Walk buddy, Walk). So make sure that you are following both rules.


You must include some cheese in your meals. Cheese products help you to lose weight akin to milk and yogurt.

Cheese products provide you with zinc, protein and vitamin B. Milk contains calcium which is good for bones. Calcium makes your bones stronger and keep you away from bone decaying issues which usually attack you after 40.


Semi-skimmed milk and low calorie yogurt are available in the market. Researches have shown that those children who drink milk are more strong and slim as compared to those children who do not drink milk.

Breaking the MYTH, going back to basics!

However, it is a MYTH that dairy products contain more fats. Please note that you do get the low fat products too in the market. Such as low fat milk, low fat cheese etc.

Cheese is Calcium and Calcium breaks fats

It does not mean that you are inducing less amount of calcium rather it contains more calcium. Studies have shown that calcium breaks down fats and helps in reducing weight. Further, proteins and amino acids in cheese diets also have a role to play for the betterment of your body.


Do not cut cheese from your diet completely rather use low fat cheese in your diet plan such as Cheddar, Etam, Feta and goat cheese.

Cottage cheese is much lower in calories. Parmesan cheese contains more calcium and proteins. It is best for weight loss management.

Researchers claim it these days that these products contain calcium and proteins and dieters should



Use cottage cheese on your bread for breakfast rather than dinner.  If you eat sandwich use cream cheeseAvoid using mayo. Dip the goodness of food in cottage cheese not hummus (Hummus contains good amount of oil baby…).

So it is suggested that cheese diets can also help you to lose weight (If you use cheese products in the right way). Ask your physician for the right guidance before finalizing your diet plan.

Go Cheese and SAY CHEESE my Cheesy widgets J


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