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The Butler House


It’s Simple… Great Ingredients make Great food

Great food, Great Service and Great Ambiance are the three things on our checklist that we are always looking forward to. What if you are getting the whole platter of information in one go?

We have so many surprising places for you to explore this festive season and always. One place that we came across this week is “The Butler House”.


About “The Butler House”

Based in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Butler House is a New outlet that fairly is a month old child of the F&B industry. This is an Irish Themed Cafe Dine-in caters the Gaelic culture of Ireland with it’s conquest to serve the best of the fusion styled services.




As you move to the Third Floor, You head towards a Big Wooden door… and the moment you enter… Your World TRANSFORMS!

The place has been divided into 3 floors. The first with the fine woody texture that gives you a complete Irish Vibe.

Woody with Whiskey and Beer quotes on the roof top, Music that will keep you in the mood, Fine furnishings and to mention , every wall is different in its own way on the first floor.


The Second Floor is more like an English Tea kind of an Ambiance. We personally say that this floor is the USP of “Butler House”. With the Whites, Blues and a little groovy feel, this is a terrace place and is a promising floor to get more and more crowd for winters dropping in.

The Third Floor is a floor for the Gizmo and Sporty Maniacs. It’s a bundle of PSP’s and a Billiards Table for your Beer and You. Isn’t that LAVISHING?

On Our Platter


Vegetarian Starters

  1. Tandoori Bharwa Mushroom: Soft, Spicy and the crispy tandoori flavor gives this dish a stature that Vegetarians will LOVE! This dish is not just marinated from outside but is stuffed with the best spices as well.
  2. Soya Malai Chaap: This the the Best ever Malai Chaap We’ve had till date. Imagine, Lots and lots of cheese oozing into your mouth when you pop it in your mouth. Heavenly stuffing of the Cheese and an amazing Paneer Marination.
  3. Volvent Burger Slider (Veg): Bun crispy from outside and soft from the inside, stuffed with yummy Paneer, garnished with cheese and Cilantro on top is a delight. Served with Ceaser Salad and Potato Wedges Bucket, the fun is the Peanut based sauce.

Non Vegetarian Starters

  1. Galauti Kebabs: Kebabs are ought to be soft and the key to the softness is the right temperature for cooking. Chef’s of Butler House have conquered the very art and served this fine Mutton Seekh Galauti Kebabs that has been finely minced with a mix of the seekh herbs and spices.

  2. Murgh Malai Tikka: This Dish is an ALL TIME SUPERHIT! Being an Indian, we all non vegetarians have Chcicken Malai Tikka as our favorite pick from the platter … and we loved the juicy and sumptuous dish here as well!

  3. Volvent Burger Slider (Non-Veg): Again this one is a Similar concept like that of the veg, but has minced Chicken pieces with the Ratatouille mix. (We love Ratatouille personally as a dish).

  4. Black Pepper Chicken- Dry: Glazed with the Soya sauces and the right amount of Black Peppery it is smoky and chewy. The bowl is a perfect combination of spices garnished with Onions and Cilantro on top.


Spinach Mushroom Dimsum : The outer layer is covered with potato and wheat starch unlike the usual all purpose flour. This one’s SUPER LITE. The highlight is the Basil Cilantro styled sauce with the Dimsum.

Oriental Mains

  1. Murgh Dum Biryani: The Biryani served was a fine one. Authentic style of cooking is what you can witness yourself in the Picture below. Beautifully AWADHI !

  2. Fried Rice (Vegetarian): The Schezwan Styled Fried Rice are the authority of the oriental cuisine that’s being served at Butler House and you just cant miss these bites!

  3. Mapo Tofu: This is the BEST TOFU DISH EVER! You’ve got to try this one for sure. It ‘s i your mouth, melts and vanishes like some magic in a few seconds. The Bean-curd base gives it a punch of goodness.


Apple Chunks with a Twist of Mint: Finally it seems that the Indian market is rising above Virgin Mojito. This drink is not just refreshing but energizing as well. The minty flavor with apples are accompanied by the kicking alive Cinnamon. SUPER FABULOUS!


  1. Chicken Halwa: Now how does that sound? You feel awestruck, right? It’s what we felt when we tried this dish. This is the Moong Halwa that has been prepared solely Awadhi Style and you just can’t figure out the chicken until someone tells you. The chicken shavings are a forte to this fusion and believe us , you cant even SMELL THE CHICKEN, JUST TASTE IT!

  2. Sheer Korma : Lite and nice with no extra sugar, this dish holds the richness of the added Cardamom and garnished Almonds generously.



  1. Apple Chunks with a Twist of Mint in the Beverage section that is something new for the Indian Audience.
  2. Chicken Halwa that brings in the Fusion for the crazy foodies.
  3. The English Tea Space Styled Terrace (Second and Third Floor) which is the USP of Butler House.


Rating: 4.5/5


3rd Floor, 47 North West Avenue,
Club Road, Punjabi Bagh,
New Delhi







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