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The Artful Baker : Signature Story


There are divisions between a culinary chef and a dessert chef, also called a pastry chef. There are specializations within the pastry chef field. Some pastry chefs specialize in baking breads, while others are master cake designers. Each field requires an exceptional level of creativity and attention to detail:

Ron Ben-Israel

I truly agree to the opening lines. 

Hello Foodies … It’s finally here and it’s what all you’ve been waiting for. It’s the French Bakery and Cafe that we all wanted soon to land up. 

Introducing The Artful Baker, a patisserie and Boulangerie café. Get ready to romp on delicious cakes, croissants, breads and many other sweet and savory items at the pop-up of The Artful Baker which is being set at Select City Walk till August 2, 2015.


After L’Opera I always wondered why there is no other French bakery! I often thought we need some MORE to slurp in with maybe a finer version of French Bakery. (No doubt L’Opera is among the fine ones but too much of butter spoils the taste sometimes)


I finally got to know about this new Pop-Up at Select Citywalk Saket and guess what … Finally it’s all that I wanted ! “A new French bakery and Cafe” *Grinning*

With the bakery in its heart, The Artful Baker will soon pan out into a complete Café in the next few weeks, including a delicious range of breakfast & bakeries, salads and sandwiches, pizzas, mains & grills, picnic baskets, desserts, refreshing drinks and a selection of beers & wines.


In talks with Chef Sahil Mehta

Now for many of those who don’t know the man behind the L’Opera team , Sahil Mehta is the guy among the team who started with the Chain of L’Opera in India … It was a delight to meet this man and much more delighful to taste his recipes! 

The brand chef of The Artful Baker, Chef Sahil Mehta is India’s First Certified Bakery, Pastry and Chocolate Expert from Lenotre, France. He is the man behind many renowned patisserie brands such as Choco Diva, Rennaissance and L’opera.


ABOUT THE CHEF: a trained baker who came back to India all the way from France just to serve the people with the best bakery dishes that our audiences yearned for, is a Bakery master from one of the best universities in the World. He has been certified as the Only Best Patiserrie Chef of India.

P.s :- after tasting all his dishes I would wish to say , “Yes, he’s an ARTFUL BAKER”


Brand Chef Sahil says “I would love to attend the customers personally, present the delicacies and welcome meaningful feedback. The Artful Baker aims to create a culture of all day dining, easy drinking, and laidback weekends for people who appreciate good food and good life. The Artful Baker is on the go to buzz the sweet appetite.”


Starting with Salty Caramel Macaroons , the taste is yummy carmelizing ! But wait … The macaroon is soft and chewy unlike the other macaroons available in the market. Others taste like biscuits ! *Phewww*

But with the Salty Macaroon , it just MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH


Next on the table Cheese Croissant… Nom nom … The centre is a surprise till you munch in the depth of it .., you shall say it yourself … CHEESE 🙂

Sharing a tip here for we Indian Foodies , croissant is always served Cold and never reheated! Also to mention, you don’t need Fork and knife, just pop in with your hands 🙂 that’s the True way even French eat like…

Next on the Croissant list was the Ham and Cheese croissant with No extra butter ! It’s optimum !


A must try ! 

Coming to the Lemon Tart … it was perfect ! I am not a Tart Lover but this really did change my taste buds because of a great blend  with the torch baking style! Mirang is the ingridient behind the goodness of the tart.


Monte Cristo is the yummiest dessert I had after this ! And to be mentioned this has the Yumness of Rum 

Rum and the Crunchy taste at the base is a heart warming pace to the soul 

Just Look at the texture …. whoopsie ! 


Taste of the French Peasent Bread was something different. To mention about this bread a little , it is among the secret vault recipes of France. 75 years old recipe this Bread is new to the Indian audiences and is worth every Bite …

Now introducing the Paris Brest ! Wonder what is in there ? It’s full of hazelnut custard which is mainly known as the shoepaste *Boulangirie*
With the almond flakes on top and dusted icing sugar , this is the next upcoming hit !


The menu at The Artful Baker will include Multigrain, French Peasant, Whole wheat breads, Ham & Cheese Croissants, Whole Wheat Pesto Paneer & Chicken sandwiches and some signature desserts like Chocolate, Raspberry and Salty Macaroons, Lemon Tart, Double Chocolate Chip Muffin and Paris Brest which are sure to tingle ones sweet tooth. The Artful Baker offers the best of Artisanal breads & patisserie, combining authentic techniques with quality ingredients.The dishes have been carefully crafted and the ingredients are selected keeping in mind the health conscious minds.

The artful menu


You can visit the Pop-Up at MySquare (Food Court) select Cotywalk, Saket until August 2nd, 2015 

The Chef will give you all the personal attention and you’re free to leave a feedback too !  🙂 


You’ll be happy to know that this chain by the Lite Bite Foods is opening at Khan Market Very Soon !



Stay connected for more updates and let us know what Is the next that you want us to cover ! 

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