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The Acai Berry #Factor (Wakaoo Berry)

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Diet is one of the most important and major factors in your life. Therefore, it has to be the first priority in your life.  To eat balanced and healthy diet is very essential for everyone. Thus, in order to have a proper knowledge about it is very important.

Oh My Modern Man…!

In our daily routine we have very minimal time for ourselves. We have a tied up schedule and we are always in a hurry to fulfill our other commitments. Having no time is really a tragedy of today’s modern man’s life.

When we find time to even take a look into the mirror it becomes too late sometimes because we see fatty layers on our body. We find our self lazy. And sometimes some aging factors too. It is due to the reason that we do not care about our self.


That Junk makes me look like a JUNK

We eat junk food and fried items without considering the consequences. Such foods are yummyly delicious in taste and are the best friends to our taste buds, but these food items are the real reason our body has to suffer with the negative impacts.


Diseased with the slimming centers…!

Diseases such as the heart related one’s and other issues like that of obesity are the most common problems nowadays.  And when we find time, we rush towards slimming centers.  Those slimming centers which offer us with vicious offers “to lose weight in two three months” are way too common.

Such hard efforts of a few months destroy our body because we have been at ease since most of the times of our lives. And suddenly when one fine day we wake up we run towards these slimming centers to lose weight.

But it’s high time that you understand the reality that this is “how it is not possible”. It has not one, but too many negative impacts on our body.


No eating is a CHEATING

Usually we starve and do not eat anything the whole day. This is how we feel “dizzy and lazier” than ever. Losing weight is not an issue if we certain things religiously. How? By having a balanced diet which is healthy for your body, skin and immune system too!



Junk and oil enriched food is very harmful for our body system. It adds nothing but laziness and becomes a cause of clotting in the blood vessels. Therefore, doctors always suggest that more amounts of fruits and vegetables should be added in your daily life to remain fit and healthy.

What we eat has a direct effect upon your body. So we ought to be very careful regarding our eating habits. It must be full of minerals and nutrition’s (That’s what I call a balanced diet). Still not ready to pay any heed towards your meal plan? Oh darling, do not suffer…!





A healthy diet keeps you away from diseases. It is good for your body to function accurately and healthy food keeps you fresh all day long by giving your body all the right nutrients.

Coupled with it are a few other steps that are also important. Yes, I DO MEAN a physical exercise (why a mental exercise called dieting always?).

Exercise keeps your body active. You feel younger and energetic. It’s the best way to increase your blood flow. Let your heart pump up the blood. Exercise is a perfect measuring scale to judge yourself whether you are fit or not.

If you take daily some footsteps (Your daily walk darling) for about twenty to fifteen minutes that serves you perfect to get your curves right.



Also, a same routine of laziness and similar eating habits makes you feel dull. You start to feel that missing element in your life. And that’s where you step in to go ahead for a healthy and an active lifestyle.

Healthy life requires a “bit of steps” every day for the long term results. When your balanced diet and exercise starts showing the results, then you’ll realize how important this routine is for your everyday life.

Daily exercise and use of fresh fruits and fresh juices keeps you young and glowing. This also helps you with the foods that have anti aging properties. Now the world is quite inclined towards a happy and a healthy body. Not just this, but you want to be young and you know it’s the anti-aging era. And the anti-aging era has a complete fact sheet of the anti-aging foods that do help you lose weight too!


The Acai Berry originated in Brazil: A fact-sheet!

Berry is getting people’s attention at a higher rate. Acai berry is one of those.  Originated in the rainforests of Brazil, many people have found the Acai Berry very useful in losing weight (The most growing problem).

To lose those fat layers and look sassy is what everyone wants. For the very reason, emphasis on such foods have been on a rising scale from the past few years as they tend to keep you fit internally and externally as well. Acai berry is topping the list.

  • Taste likes chocolate: Studies have shown that berries are a complete nutrition and are beneficial in losing weight.  It tastes like chocolates making it more attractive for food lovers.  Berry contains amino acids and fatty acids which are essential in any kind of food.
  • Maintains your Ph Level: It also contains the detox agents and maintains the Ph level of your blood. To have an ideal ph level of your body is very important because it is the ph level which keeps the immune system to perform accurately.
  • It is a natural anti-aging oxidant: Acai Berry helps you to fight against the process of aging. It comprises of oxidants which are essential for anti aging. Moreover, the Acai Berry ensures the cardiovascular and a better digestive system because it contains mono-saturated fats, dietary fiber and phytosterole.


Acai Berry has to be combined with your other food items so that a balanced diet can be achieved.  It depends that how much amount of berries you use in your daily food.

Don’t mentally prepare yourself to just start depending upon berries only. No, other food items have their own significance as well. Thus, the proper use of berry will help you to lose weight.

Ranging from the celebrities to us usual people, we all have realized the usage and benefits of Acai Berry. Especially when it comes to maintaining your ideal weight, Acai Berry is what you must lay your hands on.

The famous Opera has claimed it that “Yes berry is very useful”.

Many celebs have followed the best and a suitable combination of food with the berry. Hence, you yourself know the best! Therefore, all you have to do is take the responsibility to take up a diet plan and the berry’s are anyways there to help you.

A diet plan which comprises of all important food items to fulfill the body requirements is what keeps you fit and fine.  Then it is when you can combine with your Acai Berry.


Additional Facts: Berry helps you to fight against diseases such as cough, cold, heart problems fatigue. Now when you’ve known about the Acai Berry diet, why not incorporate in your routine? Ok, I’ll tell you how!

The forms of Acai Berry

It comes in different forms such as juices, powder, pills and whole berries. It depends upon you what form of it you’d like to pick and select for yourself. Do choose your favorite form of Acai Berry and get set start!

Exercise increases its benefits to double:  Use the berries with your meal plan and exercise, that’s an ideal combination.


Where do I get my Acai Berry from?

You are just a few steps (and also a few clicks) away from this natural ingredient. You can either purchase it online or get it from the medical stores near your location.

Prices may vary from place to place and region to region. Countries where the Acai Berry is not grown obviously its prices will be soaring high. That’s when you come out with a pocket friendly option to opt for its different forms such as those of the berry juices and pills in case the original product is not available.


Buy Original, Use Minimal: Take care that you’re buying the original product. Some companies manufacture the diluted form’s. Do not compromise! To purchase the right product read labels on it and if you’re purchasing it online, do read the description properly.

Also, keep the amount of the consumption in mind. Over use of anything can be dangerous.

So if you’re really serious about your health, start with your Acai Berry as an important ingredient in your life.

Be the Very Berry!

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