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Good Food , Good Wine , Good Friends, Good Times”

Spring arrives in New Delhi with some Entertainment this season. After so many launches there came a launch which became more of a TAMASHA a.k.a ENTERTAINMENT.

Let us take you touring this Entertainment City which is located at the Grand location of Connaught Place , new Delhi.


The Woody textured outdoor seating with the rustic outlook is a place to chill and enjoy your Sheesha’s too.

The Red Lamps , Greenery and the Lighting makes it a perfect place to Socialize for your night get-together’s.

You can enjoy your seating upstairs too in the open.


And Blues will always be a part of us at this Entertainment City of Tamasha

Here comes a grand Smoking Area unlike to usual one’s!

The Truck Bar  which is again a Tamasha-Vasool Concept …

And that’s the top View of the TAMASHA city that you can witness like a KING (Now that’s what you call a HOT PROPERTY)

All set to enjoy your Nights like the Fire of entertainment?

Bang on , Let’s do some Tamasha!

Visit Tamasha : 28, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi-01 , Connaught Place


Let’s Rouge Up! 

Capers Rouge

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  1. Deepankar says:

    Seems to me like a great place to be 😀

  2. ROBERT LEE says:


    Whenever I go out, I prefer to be seated outdoors, unless I am with people who prefer to be inside with aircon.

    Otherwise, I simply love being outdoors and this place looks so … it’s very me!

  3. CP is my favorite hangout.and i did’t know about Tamasha 🙁 I will surely check the place out next time.

  4. Wow I think perfect timing to find this place thanks to you. The weather is great and the place looks worthy of a friendly or a family lunch soon. How do u even find these gems?

  5. I love the cozy and warm ambiance of the smoking area and the blue seats!

  6. Orana says:

    Great looking place! It looks like a great place to go around sunset for a nice early dinner. I love the logo too. those are my favorite colors! My son calls the volcano colors.

  7. sabine says:

    This place looks spacious, calm and nice. The photo’s are good and the place itself looks like something I could enjoy. Love these kind of outdoor places!

  8. Elle Strange says:

    Wow! Makes me wanna go there now! The grand smoking area is really cozy, really nice for chilling! The outdoor setting is a charm! Envy you can go there! Hahaha.

  9. Sam says:

    This all fresco restaurant is so dreamy! I can already imagine myself chilling out with friends at the sofa, or having wine with my boyfriend at night. Hope we get that in the Philippines very soon 🙂

  10. Joy Priginal says:

    The place looks relaxing, you also feel close to nature. I bet if we have it here in the Philippines I will go there for sure!????

  11. ChicLifeByte says:

    The place is super!! Priyank Sukhija has nailed it again.

  12. Guy Musch says:

    The film comes back to present day Delhi where he starts telling his life story to some local people in search of answers and certain flashback scenes of Shimla are shown where Ved leaves Shimla to pursue engineering. Ved, due to his split personality

  13. Prudence Musetti says:

    so much great info on here, : D.

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