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Take care of your Lady Parts #WomensHealth

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Just like a man’s nether region, a woman’s is equally important if not more. A woman’s clitoris has eight thousand nerve endings. That is four thousand more endings than there are in a man’s penis. Therefore it is rather ration to assume that it is of great importance that every woman must take extra good care of her region down there.

Vaginal health care is not a topic much discussed even though it has to. It is true that keeping your body generally clean can prevent you from all sorts of infections including the once that can appear on your bits and pieces. So many would say that a general cleanliness should be enough!

And they might not be wrong. But why not be a bit extra careful? Why not make sure that you have eliminated the possibilities of any kind of infection in your nether region as much as possible? Apart of course from the advices of your gynecologist there are things you can do on your own, at home.

Here are nine tips for you to follow in order to keep you sensitive area completely healthy and happy!

  1. Yogurt

For centuries, yogurt has been in the menu of many civilizations. Of course they did not have the advanced medicine we have today in order to know exactly why yogurt is good for them; they did however see the amazing results. Yogurt as a nourishment is filled with healthy bacteria and live cultures knows as probiotics. One of the probiotics’ most important work is to maintain the vagina’s slightly- acidic pH levels at their proper numbers.


It is after all a rather known fact that yogurt because of its ingredients is a rather strong fighter against the notorious yeast infection which torments many women today. In most cases eating yogurt has proven to a way of preventing the infection from appearing in total And since most women are trying to be careful of their silhouette there are plenty of very tasty and calorie-free yogurts on the market. And for those of you who would like a bit more taste you can always add some fresh fruit and/or nuts and have a very healthy, nonfattening meal.

  1. Underwear fabric

Many women buy lacy lingerie. Imagine how good they look at the store and how sexy they make you feel when they are completing their purpose during a date. Many women prefer to wear them all the time. They make them feel good and confident, and we sometimes they cost a little less. But the truth is that lace underwear do not always agree with your sensitive lady parts. Lace, being a synthetic artificial fabric, does not allow you skin to breathe properly all the time. As a result to that you could be contracted by any number of infections such as candidiasis. That is why the best fabric recommended for your underwear is good old cotton. There is no argument that cotton is not as cute and sexy as a lacy underwear but it is much healthier and a lot kinder to your nether region. Save the lacy underwear for a special occasion, where they will appreciated by someone other than yourself, and give your lady parts the air that they need.

  1. Go commando

For women as well as men walking around with no underwear give us a great sense of freedom. On our everyday life it is not the best idea to walk around commando. But when it is time for you to go to bed, take those panties of just as you do with your bra and give yourself all the freedom it needs to have the best night sleep ever. It is a fact also highly recommended by gynecologist all over the world and has given some amazing results.

  1. No douching please

Protection during intercourse is very important. Most women act excellently when they insist on their partner using a condom. But what most women do not know is that condoms can sometimes leave behind residue, in the vaginal area. The same goes for the tampons that women use during their time of the month. Although it sound normal and sometimes even easy women must not try to clean their cavity on their own. There is a danger that you might injure yourself while cleansing or worse be infected by the product you might be using. There is nothing for women to worry about in this case. A woman’s vagina has a defense system of it’s own. During the monthly cycle and the everyday discharges the residue from the condoms, tampons or any other, are removed from the area via natural process. So there is nothing to worry about.

  1. Chemical products should be nowhere near you vagina

Because of the fact that most women do not know as much as they should about their nether region and they do not care to make a certain research they are under the impression that they must take care of that region with exactly the same way as they do the rest of their body. Therefore many times, out of pure ignorance, they use chemical soaps and perfumed body washes to clean that area as they do with all the other regions on their body. What they no know however is that the vagina is self-cleaning. The vulva, meaning the outer part of the region, is not self-cleaning and does require some attention. But not as often as the rest of the body. Usually once every two days and most definitely without the use of chemical soapy products. Plenty of clean water can do the trick and if you wish to use something more then try to find as many natural and non-processed products as possible.

  1. Go easy on the pills

Most people nowadays consume certain antibiotics in order to kill bacteria and germs. Even though western medicine has made our lives much easier, over consumption of antibiotics can result to killing the good bacteria in our cavity that are responsible for the proper function of our gut. That leaves a free space for the yeast to multiply and us end up having a terrible yeast infection out of nowhere.

  1. Exercise

It is not a secret that exercise is a must habit and should be done on a daily basis. Apart from the normal workout (cardio, weight lifting etc.) there are certain exercises that can help up strengthen up the muscles of your pelvic floor and vagina. These exercises are called the Kegel exercises and they should be added to your workout routine at least three times a week. That will lead to a stronger and healthier vagina, not to mention the wonders it can to for your sex life.


  1. Keep the area dry

As it is for all the different kinds of bacteria and germs, the ones that can infect your private parts need some specific conditions in order to grow. Those conditions are a warm and damp environment. In such an environment they can grow faster and do more damage Therefore you must make sure you never give them that environment. Regardless of your whereabouts try to always have access to some toilet paper. Whether you carry it with you or there is some near you make sure you keep that area clean and dry.

  1. Never miss your appointment at the gynecologist

Even if it is highly recommended and advertised pretty much everywhere, most women neglect to pay a visit to their gynecologist. They think that they are completely healthy there for missing an appointment is not such a big deal. Yes, you are healthy now and good for you for taking care of yourself. But in the future things might change. It is true that there are some infection that will appear and will be dealt with right then and there, but you must always remember that in many cases a good and thorough checkup can get you a long way.

By visiting your gynecologist at least twice a year, if not more often, you can be one hundred percent sure that you are completely healthy, you can treat a very fable infection that you might have and do not know about it, and you can prevent future infection from appearing by treating their early symptoms. The appointment to the gynecologist is the most essential step to the health of your vagina. As a woman you can clearly understand why these nine steps are crucial, each one in its own way, for the perfect health of your vaginal area.


You need to make sure that you never neglect them and never ignore any symptoms you might have. The last thing you need is an unpleasant surprise when you least expect it. Do not be afraid to go to your appointment at your gynecologist’s office, if possible every six months, and make sure you are fully aware of what is going one in your nether region. There is nothing more important for a woman than her health.

Take good care, and love yourself!!!

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