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Barcelos Red Burger (Review)

Barcelos Red Burger (Review) »

28 Jun, 2015
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“Don’t have a Crap attack , go make a Burger Attack”

Burger Obsession is on a high. But organic burgers are

Navarasas Aromatherapy Essentials (Review)

Navarasas Aromatherapy Essentials (Review) »

28 Jun, 2015
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Humid , Sunny , Rainy and so much of dust …!

I am too bad with my immune system. Yesterday afternoon when I

Fusion Lounge Sufi Night (Review)

Fusion Lounge Sufi Night (Review) »

27 Jun, 2015
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“Music and food with a perfect Ambience makes a perfect high”

Friday’s generally take us to the deep thoughts of a weekend bash.

Top 8 make up quotes 

Top 8 make up quotes  »

3 Jun, 2015
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You surely can’t ignore !