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Sunday Sleep

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Sleeping is my Drug, My Pillow is my Dealer and My Alarm Clock is my Police”

This WEEK was Migraine free SUNDAY.

We received this amazing “Sunday Sleep Pillow” in our mail and thought what was so great about this one? We were of the opinion that it will be like those usual one’s that are going all viral with the usual free offers in the Market. But then anyways we believe to Try before we Opine about the Product.


The Healthy Sleep

Today’s hectic life has got each one of us bidden to problems like those of insomnia and migraine.  And our team gave this special pillow to 2 members. One who’s and Insomniac and another who’s been going tough on Migraine issues. And here is what they said…


Levitation - guy (1)


No more an Insomniac , the moment I kept my head to rest on the pillow , it hardly took me time to go into a deep sleep. The lovely cushioning is such a magical protection to my head and its way too magical… makes you fall into sleep so quickly.”


Migraine just not makes you feel sleepless but is painful too. The soft and furry Sunday Pillow has been helpful and I don’t need to pop in more medicines more frequently for the same or even cry about the same.”


Why Sunday Delight Pillow?


The ‘delight pillows’ are made of very fine microfiber . The USP of the Sunday pillow is that it consists of 0.7 Denier microfiber,which is the finest fiber available with 50% more filling than of a standard pillow. This ensures that the pillow is soft (because of usage of finest microfiber) but at the same time prevents the pillow from flattening out.

sunday pillows

It is the first mattress brand in India that is using 100% latex certified by European standards.


Special Highlights:

  1. Hypo Allergenic
  2. 220 GSM Microfiber Fabric
  3. Super Soft Filling for Extra Comfort.
  4. Royal Blue Piping for a Premium Look

Sunday Delight Pillow Price : 2000 /- INR approx.

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Always remember, Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.

Have a good Sunday Sleep ahead…

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