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Soul and Senses

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Nothing can Cure the Soul but the Senses., Just as nothing can cure the Senses but the Soul

The above quote applies to a lot of things in our day to day lives. If one needs to sense the soul , one needs to have the most refreshing things around.

Bathing is the major aspect when our body detoxes the dirt and its all about or Senses and Soul which feel the relaxation.

Dr. Batra Recently launched its three Bathing Bar Variants. Here we are to give you the complete insights if it’s YAY or NAY!


Skin Refreshing Bathing Bar 


Product Description: Enriched with Lotus Extract & Echinacea. Lotus Extracts acts as a skin conditioner. It hydrates & moisturizes the skin making it soft & pampered

Our Review: It’s certainly refreshing and has Hydrating qualities.  This is our personal pick as it is a glycerine based product that has a scintillating scent like that of the Ocean Based Aroma.

Rating: 4.8/5


Skin Protecting Bathing Bar


Product Description: Encriched with Tea Tree, Tulsi & Echinacea.Tea Tree oil & Tulsi protects skin from acne & fungal infections keeping skin healthy & glowing.

Our Review: Fantastic blend of the natural ingredients and has been a good Acno Fighter!

Our Rating: 4.9/5


Skin Purifying Bathing Bar


Product Description: Enriched with Active neem & Echinace. Active neem reduces pigmentation & dullness, making skin look beautiful & radiant.


Our Review: Even after 5-6 uses We did not find this Product to be that effective as described. Neem certainly reduces Pigmentation but we still can’t see our blemishes vanishing.


Rating: 2/5

Dr Batra Bathing Bar (pack of 3)


  1. Skin Protecting Bathing Bar
  2. Skin Purifying Bathing Bar


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