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Soak, Swipe, Remove: Miceller Makeup Cleanser


“Makeup… Why you NO Remove?” *sob-sob-sob*

Something we all women go through after those happy high parties…!

And what we do at last is go to bed with the makeup ON… *tich-tich*


Make-up today is an integral part of women’s everyday life. The myriad colors, glosses, tinted crème and blushes have often accentuated beauty and enabled women from everyday walks of life to experiment and look their best.

Going through the make-up rags, We finally decided to pick this one product that will love your skin back. YES, You heard it right, “It will Love your skin Back”.

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We all women love to wear our favorite make-up, but when it comes to removing we often fail to get oour hands on the right makeup remover. This week in our Mail box we had this SuperwomanVivel Miceller Makeup Cleanser” that has too much to offer. Okay… before we give you the insights of this super-cool product, we would like to preach you a little about the Micellar Water.


So what is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing.
Leaving you skin all Soft, Supple and Hydrated, the Micellar water rejuvenates your skin and pampers it with all the gentle elements that it comprises of. It has all those amazing essential oils and NO ALCOHOL. Isn’t that marvelous?



No gushing at all… you ought to use it to experience what our team of experts are saying about this amazing product. An important update here… have you noticed how the French Skin’s are so beautiful and flawless?  “Micellar water” is the magic water that keeps their skin supple and happy.  Micellar Water based products have been widely available in French pharmacies for many years now and you will be surprised to know that the product has a huge fan following internationally.



And finally this very great option has landed in India for the Indian Skin Type.


Vivel Miceller Makeup Cleanser Review

Possibly the best bargain Micellar solution out there! I got this  and I’ve really been loving the “Vivel Miceller Makeup Cleanser” to remove any pesky mascara/liquid eyeliner.




  1. Pour/squeeze a small amount on the cotton ball. You don’t need to douse it, just enough to wet half of the surface is fine.
  2. Start wiping it all over.
  3. Continue across your lips if you need to remove lipstick and your eyes if you’re wearing eye makeup.
  4. Wipe your nose and the sides of it.
  5. Finish with the other cheek and your neck.


Our Rating: 4.5/5

Capers Rouge Recommendation:  No more triple cleansing steps to follow. Just splash on some Miscellar water on a Cotton Ball, soak it and then swipe it off!


About Vivel Cell Renew: 

Vivel Cell Renew is a carefully crafted skin care solution that helps renew skin cell by cell. The advanced formula not only repairs damaged skin cell barrier and replenishes lost nutrients but also fortifies skin’s natural defenses against free radicals and other environmental factors. The portfolio offers a range of Body Lotions, Face Moisturiser, Hand Crème and Face Cleansers.

This formulation has plant derived stem cell extracts that help in skin cell renewal, tertapeptide (Tego-pep-4-even) to help remove dark spots and effective anti-oxidants for preventing free radical damage. It is enriched with moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerine & pro-vitamin B5, to maintain skin moisture level. Cell Renew Micellar Makeup cleanser is alcohol free, ultra-mild and maintains skin pH.  It is enriched with Lavandin essential oil that helps to relax and maintain a healthy skin.



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