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Soak , Scrub , Relax , Repeat!

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How Beautiful are the Feet of those who Bring Good News”

After a great eatery and Shopping week what do you need ? Undoubtedly a relaxing Footh Bath !

I yearned for the same … And fortunately I had THAT something in my mail box this week… Something that is desirable to every woman !

A happy feet product by The Natures Co.


What could be better than a Home Foot Spa ? <3

Before I go ahead let me update you on the scrubs that I keep posting as the DIY’s (as I am a scrubby puppy myself)

Okay… Let me reveal the truth behind the inspiration of my DIY scrubs : it was The Natures Co.

Yes ! I started to use certain products by them and that is when I learnt a few scrubs to make at home (But I am too lazy to make them always…Shh!) 😉

Embark on a journey of discovery, immerse yourself and surrender to the wondrous creations at The Nature’s Co. – a place where the inspiration is nature and only natural, luxurious products for the skin, hair and body will be found.

Product Home Abode : 

Walnut Mint Foot Scrub


Because this is a foot scrub we shall show it to you perfectly using it on our feet and not on our hands !







After all , we can discover the right use of the things to know where they live. Everything has a home !


– Lipsticks for your Lips

– Body Butter for your Skin  and

– Foot Scrub for your Feet 🙂

The secret to good health and beauty lies in pure nature. It is this belief that has prompted The Nature’s Co. to explore the five purest forms of nature, which are the elements of air, sun, forest, earth and water. This exploration has led to the creation of five distinct ranges Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark. Each range embodies the goodness and appeal of the element that inspired it.



Step 1: Stay Sassy

Add Warm Water and some Rose Petals and your favourite additionals to your Foot Tub.  

Step 2: Soak

Get ready to Dunk in your Feet to heal up and rejuvenate 
No additional salt or oils to be added for now ! Why ? Because the Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub has the exact ingridients to feed feet!
The goodness of the EarthBorne ingredients comes in due to they being Of the earth and by the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nuturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud.
Step 3: Squeeze it

Squeeze a generous amount of the creamy scrub on your fingers … *Generous I mean*

Step 4: Be a Scrubby Puppy

Use your fingers and apply the scrub all over your feet upside down

Massaging in the round circular motion feel the relaxation. This will help in a better blood circulation and muscle relaxation to your feet

Make sure your skin has started to Soak-In the goodness of your creamy scrub.

Like this…

Step 5: Rinse it off

And you’re done ! Wash off your feet and soak it in a hot towel 
ADDITONAL TIP : use a little milk and rose water and pat it on the heels of your toes for great results 

About The Nature’s Co. Walnut- Mint Foot Scrub:

Walnut-Mint Foot scrub is the answer to dry, chapped feet. The mint invigorates while neem works to moisturize and soften your feet. Massage the micro-walnut granules to easily and effectively remove dry and dead skin.


Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Peppermint Extract, Walnut Grits, Neem Extract, Kokum Butter.

Price:₹ 425 /- for 125 ml.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

RATING VERDICT : A soothing natural fiber; Sloughs away rough, dry & dead cells from the heels and soles; Moisturize and softens the feet.

Texture is Creamy and the aroma is minty that works as a perfect combination to the Rejuvination for your feat treat!

We will highly recommend the Walnut Mint Foot scrub on a scale of 4.6/5

Now that’s a showman !

  • Vegan

All the products of The Nature’s Co. are one step ahead of being vegetarian, which is vegan. They don’t use any kind of animal derived ingredients in any of our products. Including, ingredients like milk, honey, beeswax and lanolin which are a few of the essential materials in any skin care product. They also do not test any of their products on animals and ensure that all their vendors follow the same policy.

  • Use best natural ingredients

At The Nature’s Co. some of the best natural ingredients from across the globe have been used. All the products contain natural butters like Shea, Cocoa, Olive and also the ‘actives’ used are in the form of fresh natural extracts and essential oils which are known for their therapeutic properties.

  • Environment Friendly

The products at The Nature’s Co. are absolutely environment friendly. The material that has been used for packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable. In addition to it, they have Recycle bins in the stores where they encourage the consumers to bring back the empty bottle which will be recycled.

  •  PETA Certified

The Nature’s Co. products are PETA certified which means that the company is completely vegan friendly and also practices non-cruelty to animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights group in the world, is based in the United States with two million members and supporters.


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Let’s Rouge up and feel the happy vibe !

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