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Smart LED Bluetooth Bulb by 3Apart.com


“Let there be COLORFUL Light…. !”

Revolution of this technology is the revolution to the Nation and your home too.

Ever thought of something that gives you the controlling power with just one touch of your gadget? Something that emits colors as per your needs and moods? 

Something that can be used extensively as for your Gaming Zone, Home Decor or even for your Music Room? One such Smart product called the Emit is here! 

A revolutionary SMART LED BLUETOOTH bulb comes with the HLight app can assign different names to your Emit Bulbs, and can also customize the lights individually as well.


To all the Gizmo maniacs, we have finally landed with Colorful lights from one single product coming all together in the Indian arena.  With the Technical industry moving ahead like a giant dragon , we have things getting unimaginable and beyond thoughts.

From the invention of a Gramma Phone to a Telescope to a Mobile Phone to a Tablet PC or a Fablet, there is a new member that has been recently added to the technology bar. 

This new invention caught my eye and gave me goosebumps like “Oh yes, there can be so much of colourful Light at one place” πŸ˜‰  Now that’s an INVENTION!

I picked something on my cart that is way too new to the Indian Market. Imagine it’s Light and that too  COLORFUL! 

A Smart Bulb… An LED Bluetooth Smart Bulb… Now that’s an Innovation !


The HLight app is simple, but intuitive. It has a color wheel where you can select the colors of your bulbs, and also a brightness slider below. Below the brightness slider are your presets, which you can set with just one tap. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.These bulbs work differently than those that operate via Wi-Fi, but they still function like any other bulb – screw it in, and it’s ready to use. They can also be turned on and off with a wall switch or with your smart device. No extra kit or hub required for your bulb connectivity unlike those usual wifi bulbs. 

Low on Bluetooth energy consumption these bulbs are a must for your home. 

Bluetooth 4.0 consumes less of your battery than the wifi connectivity. 

  Also to highlight , these bulbs can be used in a group mode and can be automated via a single device.


On the practical side you can use these bulbs to set up usage specific schedules  which overtime would lead to a big saving on your energy bills. 


  • Recently launched the Emit, which is a 5W Bluetooth LED smart bulb, this product requires no Internet connection or hub to connect
  • These bulbs work via Bluetooth, but not that it drains phone battery as the technology used is Bluetooth Low Energy which has an even lower phone/tablet battery consumption rate.
  • Upto 60 bulbs can be controlled by 1 single smartphone/tablet.
  • You can choose from 16 million colors, schedule lights on and off,  Link your lights to your music, increase or decrease brightness and of course turn them on and off.
  • The indoor controlling distance is 20m, the outdoor controlling distance 50m
  • The bulbs come with a 60 day replacement warranty and have a lifespan of 25000 working hrs/ 5yrs depending on usage.
  • An ideal product for smart homes.
  • Comprises of an Inbuilt Bluetooth Chip
  • Amazing aluminium heat sync that has been customised for your safety purpose.
Users of  Smart lighting in India face issues connecting to their smart lights due to poor connectivity! Here is the



Where to Buy?

You can get this product at Flipkart, E-bay, PayTM, Snapdeal  and many more e-portals.



Stay Smart and Build a Smart house for your Smart Home !


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