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Pizza Hut Ultimate Twist Pizza (Review)


I never met a pizza like you before”  I mumbled after I gobbled up the new Ultimate Twist Pizza at Pizza hut this Saturday !


An interactive session where we all gathered to attend this whole big fun of an event at Pizza Hut, Connaught  Place , New Delhi. My love for pizzas has made me a celeb of “Pizza Parties” among my cousins. How could have I been away from the real twisty party then ? 😉

About the Ultimate twist pizza: Kissan India and Pizza Hut India have recently joined hands to treat the foodies with much more taste and twist.

About the venture : Kissan, like we all know is the “king of ketchups” , much loved by kids and adults too!
Pizza Hut has been serving the “juiciest of the pizzas” in India for over a decade now.

And when two Brands come hand in hand , it’s a blockbuster gala that we all have been waiting for. Well, this is the first ever super mega blockbuster tie-up in the country.

About the Pizza

Saucy , spicy , juicy and Tangy … Can you imagine how your pizza would be if created with these four elements ? Ohh soo yumm!


Big Ultimate twist pizza will soon be the King of all pizzas in India I believe. Coming in with the aroma and all the elements that makes it so good, this has become my first favourite (much more like my first love, the Pan Pizzas at Pizza Hut)

Additional details: Serving the much succulent taste with extra toppings and a thin crust base , Pizza Hut and Kissan have recreated the magic like that of a homely food. Above all this pizza is big enough and comes with 8 slices. Now the unbelievable part, it’s just for ₹199/- ..such a little price and yummy big bites.. “LOT IN A LITTLE”


The Big Ultimate Twist Pizza event had some really ultimate moments.

Started with the interactions of the renowned Corporate Chef Arjyo Banerjee (Director Food Innovation)  to the Pizza making (We too participated!)... The event was a bash to celebrate the pizza day for us.

    Followed by the ingredient tasting and guessing game , we enjoyed some facts about pizza baking by the Chef.


Orange Strawberry Spritzer: Sipping through the summers we were served with the Orange Spreezer and a hint of strawberry which was a blend of tangerine and slight strawberry aroma.

Mojito Blast: When it’s the blend of lemon , sugar and freshly chopped Mint Leaves in your Glass, you know you’ve tasted heaven in this scorching heat. Ohh lala… to the evergreen Virgin Mojito by Pizza Hut!


When a dream story starts .. It starts with “once upon a time” and when a real story starts , it starts with GREAT Appetizers ????

Chilli Cheese n Salami Garlic Bread: With minced Chicken Salami on Top of the Garlic bread, a pat of garlic butter and there you have it with your seasoning. I’ve always been keen on Garlic Breads but the vegetarian ones ! This one changed my love for the Non veg garlic breads … I loved it till it melted completely in my mouth.

Chilli cheese Garlic Bread: Minced Bell Pepper, coriander, Carrot and the oozing out of the liquid cheese ! Just one question , “how did you manage this Pizza Hut?” I could not stop licking my fingers!

Cheese Garlic Bread:  All time Classic , my all time favourite , the steamy cheese Garlic bread is my affaire since I was a child. (It still is ????)

THE PIZZA COMING … In my plate

 Ultimate Twist Veg Pizza (Veggies overloaded)

Olives , jalapeños, onions , sweet corns , tofu , mushrooms, tomatoes …. Soo veggy , so tangy , so spicy ! A Gala of Extra toppings ! 30% EXTRA

The ultimate twist pizza is a thin crust base pizza that works best with Kissan’s spicy Chilli sauce smeared on top!

Ultimate Twist Non-Veg Pizza (Chicken Overloaded)

An honest confession , I never liked non veg pizzas until I had the Ultimate Twist Non Veg Pizza !

High with Chicken Kofta, Chicken Keema, onion, red paprika and minced bell pepper .. Do you need more words ? Ummm I mean more toppings ? Well these toppings in THEMSELVES are a delight and the highlight of the ultimate twist non veg pizza. Glee… I want some more of it ☺️????


It BEGUN with Choco Truffle cake and ended with a happy duffle bag of a stomach … *Burrrppp* … Now that’s what you call an “ultimate twist” ????

With Chef Arjyo ❤️

Our Rating : 10/10

Our Verdict : go hog it up ???? 

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