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Peppertap Review


In this busy life you can’t expect to be a Wonder Woman!

All you need to be is a Super Woman to this world.

This weekend was an extension to the laziness and a wanderlust trip. On My way back home I wanted to pick up some groceries… But ahhh… who’s going to lift those heavy baggage’s till the parking lot?

Then is when I saw this Billboard of Peppertap and decided to give it a try-on.

And yes, I ordered all this when I was on my way back to New Delhi



  • Starting with the iOS version of Peppertap , the user Interface is quite intriguing and has a good navigation.

  • With a variety of options available in the wide category, it’s virtual yet satisfactory

  • You receive a quick SMS conformation and the Instant E-mail summary after your order confirmation.



We chose the time slot between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM and this was on the dart and the grocery bags were home.

It was the Peppertap staff in the cool Red and Green uniform.

Unfrotunately just one item was missing as per the placed order … and a quantity of one can be forgiven , Right?



During the busy days when you have to be all swinging in the middle of your home and office tours, these grocery online stores can be a blessing in disguise. PEPPERTAP recommended!





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