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‘Paramparaa’ : A New Multi Brand Designer Wear Store


“Everyday is a Fashion show and World is your Runway”

The quote stated above has been well stated in terms of our fashion agenda for our daily lives.

We had a gala time on 18th September, 2015 at this very new Fashion Runway brand called “Paramparaa“. This place is a a new multi brand designer wear store that traces its roots to the ground level of the Indian tradition and a Fusion mix of the western-end.


Paramparaa: Redefining Fashion

Redefining fashion and showcasing the high end fashion couture, all under one roof – Paramparaa offers a wide range of beautiful accessories and super classy apparels. The vibrant colors that have been used by these various club of designers, represent the electric mix of elegance and signature ethnic styles in the fashion sphere.

The finest highlight of this Apparel Store is that it has the versatile fashion connoisseurs like those of Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre, AM:PM,  Namrata Joshipura, Pankaj & Nidhi, and a council of them.












In Talks with Mr. Piyush Gupta

We had a very informative interacting session with the Director Mr. Piyush Gupta himself. He highlighted us with the details on what kind of a Fashion club is Pramparaa.

Mr. Piyush in an exclusive interview to the Capers Rouge Team  quoted “Paramparaa comprises of a team from top Noach to the New one’s in the industry. There are a lot of new creative boys and girls who have done really great….there are some people who have done the fashion week’s for the first time and apart from that there is Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre, AM:PM which are the leading players of the industry. So we’ve catered to create a mix of variety to everyone“.

Mr. Piyush Gupta, Director Paramparaa

Upon asking about the expansion in number of this grand fashion council of members in terms of the future perspective he said, “We have ample space and we have managed it in such a way that its very different, very classy, very elegant, so in future we will be adding more… Right now have 40 designers on board but in future we plan to add upto 25 more depending upon the variety of what is moving , what is not moving, depending on the taste of the people.” Further he added, “And the best part is that there is  not even a single store inside the city which caters  to this kind of a segment. So everyone has to go to South Delhi to look for these kind of products.


Lauren with the Director Mr. Piyush Picked up her favorite outfit from Parampara

Lauren with the Director Mr. Piyush, Picked up her favorite outfit from Parampara


He also highlighted that “Paramparaa” is still sticking on to cater all the Body types and a vast age scale unlike may other new fashion hunks who are coming up with ONLY “lean Size” attires. Mr. Piyush updated this very query saying, “We have handpicked specifically those designers who cater all segments of the society. Ranging from all the age groups and we have it all and these designers are from all over India. From New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta and a lot more places.


About the Store Launch and Location

The store was launched amidst great pomp and grandeur, where renowned actress and choreographer Lauren Gottlieb inaugurated the store. The celebration will continue for next two days to mark the launch of the store. Saturday, September 19, 2015 will witness the presence of the designers at the store where customers can meet them for a bespoke experience . On Sunday, September 20, 2015, there will be a live act by the very talented Shibani Kashyap.


Lauren Gottileb Actor and Choreographer

The new store has been beautifully designed which gives a dash of fresh & elevated look. Dramatically lit and spectacularly crafted, the store has been created with as much passion and pride as the creations.  Anchored a leading jewel​lery store in the building, the address has a natural flow of discerning shoppers. The rich and stunning interiors adds to the abundance of design and art on display in this world of luxurious designer wear. The entry of the store is through the well known jewellery brand P.P. Jewellers which is a floor below Paramparaa. The location is a landmark location visible from a distance with easy access and connectivity.


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