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Paper Boat Drinks Review


“Drinks and Memories” <3

The tagline has really touched down my soul since my lips touched the taste of my childhood days.

This Week I received my yummy Drinks Nest via Paper Boat . Comprising of the “8 Aromatic Baits” for a Lifestyle oriented person like me, It wooed my heart… AND SOUL <3

PACKAGING: What could be better than a blessing to be a kid of the 90’s ? Yes, I am a Kid of the 90’s and I am too lucky to see the transforming of the world in a true manner.

The Packaging of the “Paper Boat Drinks” is Simple like that of the 90’s and Modern in Design as per the 2000’s.

Rating 5/5 on the Color Schemes, Graphics and the Eye Catching yet unusual paper Container , The packaging is of an immense significance to “MEMORIES

CONCEPT: The concept was started by four friends who came up with the Drinks in Desi Style with the Memories of a lifetime.

I do have many memories that Paper Boat Drinks have revived in me “sips after sips“.

I can relate to the Childhood memories when My Grandmother prepared for Drinks like “AamRas” and “Aam Panna” for me being a Mango Lover.

Next I can also deep down remember “Chilled Rassam” and “Kokum” that was prepared by my Aunt and was enjoyed by all we kids after evening games.

Lastly, not to forget the “Street Food Side” of India! “Jaljeera” is something that we loved then and we still prefer now due to its healthy digestion properties. To mention, ” Jamun Kala Khatta” , a class apart drink I’ve been lucky to have <3

To Highlight the new blends that I have “Memories” with are the “Tulsi Tea” and the “Ginger Lemon Tea“. Aahh… I miss my College Days!

PRICING: Strategically Priced, I find this drink to be healthier than the Colas and Sodas that are available in the market. A perfect way to beat the heat and keep a check on your weight, you would love to pay 30/- INR for a 250 ml Healthy Drink.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Shake Well and Serve Chilled.


Thank you Paper Boat … Re-lived the Memories and shall keep living them đŸ™‚ …. Refreshing Memories

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  1. M too a kid of 90’s đŸ™‚ And so I cherish these flavours too. Thanks for sharing the info. Well described Sheetal.

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