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Ouch… ThatsPersonal :) 

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Summer oh thy Summer you make my life Bummer … My skin so low and monsoon go Uber Slow

My current thoughts stepping out in the scorching heat !

Delhi’s heat has taken a leap this year with monsoon declared but never arrived. 

Not just my Body but my Mind and Soul too feel to be at an uncomfortable pace of this Global warming.

This makes me sing “Feeling Hot Hot Hot…” (And UGLY too!) 🙁

It’s time we revitalise our mind, body and soul in this heat wave. 

Here I am with my personally tested Cold Pressed Oils For your Soul, some Scented Candles for the Mind and luxury Scrub Bars for thy Body which I would recommend to my messy little girls this Summers! 😉

As discussed previously , Aromatherapy and Natural Products are on an all time high and popping out almost on every beauty brand that is being launched. We all prefer to go Paraben free because we love our Mind, Body and Soul.

To highlight here: Paraben are the preservatives that are widely used in the personal care products.

Now time for my Mind, Body and Soul Picks 


Calm mind leads to a simpler life. Due to a hectic schedule many of us tend to overthink and forget to relax and breathe within the mind that we are living with.

My Pick:  I love some Scented Candles  to rejuvenate my mind.

From the Facthole: The research says that aroma of the diffusers, scented candles, flower or anything which makes a human body feel at peace , certainly calm the Mind.


Advantage Tip: Use of Paraben free castor oil on your forehead and neck helps as an added advantage to make the Mind peaceful. Check the Aloe Veda Castor Oil Review online for more details.

 Quick Tip:  Use Scented Candles while you Meditate.


There are many places in the world but the best place where we can live in is our Body. Our Body is not just about our size but also about our Beautiful Skin.

My Pick: Luxury Scrub Bars and Massage Oils are my favourite Picks. From Soulflower, Aloeveda and Navarasas , I choose according to my mood and you shall too! 🙂

From the Facthole: Research says that  Female Massage is very important due to the glands that keep changing in our body time to time in the life cycle  as compared to men

Advantage Tip: Before bathing with your Luxury Scrub Bars it’s essential to meditate and then take an oil massage . Later bathe to the natures essences!

Quick Tip: Make sure you utilize this time in a deep sleep to make your body feel at ease.


Revitalising your soul is all we talk about. Ever thought to tantalise your soul? Now that’s new and a better trick.

Confidence is what ones soul seeks and that too should come from within.

My Pick: Cold Pressed oils are the new pop up in the beauty range. They not only help you feel alive and kicking from within your soul but give you a tantalising confidence too breaching from within. Again here my pick is the Argan Oil by Soulflower. *Healthy-Heartbeats*

From the Facthole: For the Ayurveda it’s the Skin which is our natural outfit. The study says that a woman must use the best inner materials to cover the natural skin. Therefore, you must wear a quality Lingerie.

Many online lingerie stores have arrived and you can get one for yourself. Mind you , feel comfortable in what you wear.

Advantage Tip:   It’s highly re commended to use these cold pressed oils overnight for best soul rejuvenation therapy. It’s Ayurveda and all natural after all!

Quick Tip: For a great confidence you need a great and sassy Lingrie. No kidding but a Lingrie plays an important role and you get more confident from within. (That’s from the experts)

P.s  My personal favourite is La Senza the sister Brand of Victoria Secrets 😛

Love your Mind, Body and Soul to feed you skin the right way.
Let’s Rouge Up! 

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