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Nuts about You …

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Nutty, Crunchy, Healthy and Juicy” our new favorite health pick is finally here as promised.

To start with: This post is not just a review but a very honest recommendation from our end.

Just imagine you’re about to leave your workplace and suddenly you get a gift box at your door. How will you feel ? Chirpy and Excited , isn’t it ?

That’s what happened when we met these dancing nuts packed in a surprise basket for us.

The Nutty Gritties just made our day. And for you all who are health freaks and think nuts are not a healthy deal, you’re certainly wrong. Here is a snack that is healthy to munch and loves your body!

Here is a thrilling a picturelog of the dancing nuts…

They are yummy Cinnamon draped … Our first favourite pick. Blend of raisins, sunflower seeds, Apple and pumpkin seeds, the Cinnamon and Apple Mix is a blend to overcome all your hunger pangs. Do add to your food, it’s super filling!
The Nutty Sisters (Thats what we would like to name these 2ladies behind this healthy concept) have come up with the Cardamom Coated Almonds and this is refreshing along with a nutty flavour.
When travelling , this is the best mix to carry and it’s what our mothers fed us with when we were little kids. Best blend to serve for your “snack a pack” it’s a healthy nut mix.

We like to party the Barbecue way and these are a healthy Barbeque Cashews. Something to serve as an alternative to the unhealthy mixtures to your guests.

Switch on your pepper mode with the Peppery Almonds of you feel like going for a midnight snacking. Pepper helps you digest well and almonds are the best with fibre. Then why not pick this healthy blend.

On a summer day you can’t get the work away ? Then keep a box of this quality Summer Fruit Mix and let your mood feel the fruitful fables!

Rating : 4.8/5

Final Verdict: No more boring modes, get your hand on these healthy handful nuts and say “I am nuts about you” 🙂

Pick your own varieties from roasted ones to the Punjabi Tadka to the barbeque and handle all your cravings with these natural flavoured blends by the Nutty gritty mixes. Now available online at Nutty Gritties

Go Nuts , Let’s Rouge up !

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